Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal/Dry Skin: Review and FOTD

The most annoying thing about combination skin is finding products for it whether its a face wash, or  a day cream, a toner or a night cream and don’t even get me started about finding a good foundation. Foundations are particularly tricky because you want something that hydrates the normal parts while keeps the t zone oil free :(. Add to that the crazy weather we experience in Delhi and well you have something of a perfect foundation quest in front of you. So now I have like 4 different foundations to tackle the four – five different kind of weathers we have in the capital city and how my skin decided to react with them.

The not so latest addition to my ever growing foundation collection was the Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Normal and Dry skin…and no I have not gone crazy because I just ranted about my oily skin type and I using something that is not meant for it…I will be sharing the reason behind buying this in a little while. Till then lets go through the usual details :p


Price: Rs 850 for 30 ml

The Revlon ColorStay Makeuo for Normal and Dry Skin comes in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser. There is a separate plastic cap to protect the dispenser but I found the cap to be a little flimsy and there is no lock mechanism in the pump so be a little careful about carrying it around. Also glass bottles and clumsy makeup owners are never a good combination so you have to be a little careful because that is not a cheap product :p



The texture of the foundation is thick enough so that you don’t have a foundation that looks like a body lotion but runny enough that you can blend it with ease. I have applied the foundation using a foundation brush, a stippling brush, a sponge and finally my tiny stubby fingers and I would say I dod not face any issues in terms of blending. The foundation gives you medium coverage but the texture is light enough so you can layer it if you wish to go for full coverage.


Now lets finally discuss why I bought a foundation when it clearly says that it is not meant for my skin type. The thing is I bought it during winters and all my skin wanted at that point of time was hydration. I tried the variant they have for oily/combination skin but it turned out to be a little less hydrating and looked matte on my skin but the normal/dry skin gave my skin such a hydrated feeling and a pretty dewy finish. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use it during the hot months but this has turned out to be the perfect foundation for days when my skin refuses to co-operate and looks like the skin of a 60 year old.


Staying power is no where near 24 hours but it is pretty decent. It did not budge or face for around 6-7 hours in winters while it stayed in place for around 4-5 hours during hotter months.  The staying power increases drastically with a primer but I won’t say I have complains even when I wear it without one.

The only complain I have is the shade selection. The website tells me that there are like 20 shades available but I haven’t seen more than 2 in any of the stores. The shade I got was Natural Tan and that works for me but if you are like a below NC 40 or above NC 42…you might have to search alot for the shade to match your skin tone.


Overall, I think it is a really good foundation even though for my skin it works for specific weather and conditions but when it does I have no complains. I love the glow it gives to my skin and it looks very natural which is something to consider if you are looking for a daily wear foundation. Coverage is decent, staying power is good, shade selection is a little disappointing but all in all for me, this foundation works and I am planning to buy it for my wedding trousseau as well 🙂