Revlon Powder Blush in Wine Not: Review, Swatches and FOTD

Remember I told you how I had to buy this whole bunch of Revlon products to get a makeup case for my engagement ceremony, well I am still experimenting with those and my engagement was way back in February so go figure how many products I got :p. I had already reviewed one of the products a few weeks back ( click here to read) and today I am going to review another product I was really excited about trying basically because of the shade and it is the Revlon Powder Blush in Wine Not.


Price: Rs 550 for 5 gms

The Revlon Powder Blush in Wine Not comes in this sleek black case packaging with a transparent top so you can admire the shape. It also comes with a small brush which is at the better end in terms of quality among all brushes I have received with any blush so far. The packaging is not of the best quality but thankfully it is pretty travel friendly and hasn’t messed any of my bags so I am a happy bear.




As I said in the introduction, the reason I picked this blush was the shade. If you look at the pan, the shade looks really dark even a little scary but the shop assistant kept insisting( read that as bullying) that it is a beautiful shade and I need to try it so I did and indeed it was one of the best shades in the whole range. Wine not appears to be this deep purple berry shade in the pan however when you apply it on your cheeks, it gives this really subtle, warm and beautiful plum color . It doesn’t look over the top and would work really well with all Indian skin tones.


Texture of this blush is quite smooth and you can feel that the product is finely milled. In terms of application and blending, it doesn’t take to much of an effort or time. The blush gives a nice satin based finish on the skin which I love because it just makes the color look more natural.

Pigmentation is decent. You have to build up the color to help the shade op on your cheeks which is kind of good thing for a blush because sometimes blushes that are too pigmented lead to the I look like a clown situation.  I was a little disappointed when I swatched it and saw the pigmentation and the shade does looks very misleading in the pan ( just look how dark that looks :p) but I guess when you love the shade so much you do look away from these weaknesses. However, the staying power is better than the pigmentation. It lasts anywhere between 4-5 hours and then fades away gradually.


Overall, I think the only thing that was a tad disappointing about this blush was the pigmentation which could be taken care of by careful layering. Other than that I don’t think any complains from it. I love the shade and the texture. I am kind of addicted to it these days and use it almost everyday. It is a very versatile shade and works with pretty much any lip color or look and I basically love it so much that I plan to add it to my makeup trousseau 🙂