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Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stellar & Apocaliptic: Review and Swatches

You guys remember how the whole world had become obsessed with the so called apocalips that was supposed to happen in December during 2012…there were movies and talk shows and people were making their wishlists. Anyhow when people obsessed with the world ending type of apocolips…I was drooling over the beautiful colors of the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers….but like most drool worthy makeup products…they were not available in India 🙁
Then like a knight in shining armour came Shivani Omuk of Order Makeup UK…she got me these beauties from UK. She was also sweet enough to give me very special samples as well. Unfortunately she is discontinuing this service but she is still taking her last set of orders till 1st November so if you guys want some products…mail her at

Price: £5.99 each 
Coming back to the Lip Lacquers…they come in glass tube with a plastic cap and a doe foot applicator. You can see the shade of the apocalips at the bottom of the tube so its kind of a user friendly packaging. The caps hold on pretty well so no issues if you want to carry them around.

Out of the 8 shades that are available, I got two…Stellar and Apocaliptic. When I saw the swatches for Stellar online, it looked like an bright coral shade…but in person its has a bit pink undertone as well. Most coral shades wash me out especially if they are too bright but Stellar actually looks really pretty on the lips and would suit fair to medium skin tone. Apocaliptic on the other hand is  the in your face kind of bright ruby pink. Its a color that anyone and everyone can wear. 

The most tricky thing about these lip lacquers is their texture. It is pretty creamy but somehow when you try and apply it, they just form a layer of product over your lips. Usually when you apply  a gloss or a liquid lipstick, they settle on your lips after a while but that’s not the case with this product. They just stay put on the lips so you kind of have to learn to work with them.
Pigmentation of both the shades is kind of scary. Yup…I use the word scary because I literally went “oh my god ” when I first applied them. And because they don’t fade or get absorbed, the intensity kind of remains the same till they last.
It transfers alot…like alot. Anything and everything my lips touches when I am wearing these has a mark on it. Also they tend to bleed a little. I tried using lip liners with them but they just look out of place and the bleeding kind of aggravates if I apply a layer of lip liner all over my lips and then apply it. Obviously with what I just told you…you can pretty much imagine what the staying power is like. If I don’t eat or drink or for that matter kiss :p….they stay on for almost 3 hours…however if I keep up with my usual routine of coffee and snacks…the color fades in a jiffy. 

I am not the kind to give up easily and that’s why I was kind of adamant to learn how to use them. I watched and read like a zillion reviews just to understand how to work with them ( all this made me kind of wonder that how did we survive before YouTube :P) and finally the solution was a simple trick. All you need to do is a dab a little bit of product on the middle of your lower lip and then use a lip brush...yes a lip brush and not the applicator that comes with it to spread it across the whole lip. This basically gives you a very sheer layer product that actually gets slightly absorbed by your lips. If you want you can obviously apply more product but I somehow prefer this as it makes the colors more suitable for day to day wear.
Overall, I love the shades but I wish the texture something which did not require so much effort to work with. Availability is a big issue for this product as they have not been launched in India, so either contact Shivani or bug your relatives and friends that live abroad to get them for you.
P.S. I think I jinxed Rimmel by writing such good things about it on the blog because lately most products I have been using from this brand end up disappointing me. 🙁