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Rimmel London Lipstick Lasting Finish in One Of A Kind: Review, Swatches and FOTD

Before the rupee decided to go for a dive, Rimmel was one of the few international brands that did not make our bank account cry…unfortunately I can’t say the same now ๐Ÿ™
But I would still say that Rimmel is one of a kind just because of the product quality they are offering at such an amazing price.
The last time I went to Parco’s, the SA informed me the prices are going to get revised soon, so obviously I decided to take advantage of the situation and bought a lot of stuff from Rimmel……one of the products that I picked up in this haul and a very pretty mauvish pink shade called  One Of A kind from their long lasting range. I usually refrain from purples…but this shade was too pretty to resist.

Price: Rs. 215 for 4 gms.

All the lipsticks from the long lasting range come in this really dark, glossy purple color packaging. I’ve not had any issues with the packaging while carrying it around however I do feel that it becomes a little cumbersome to locate the shade you want if you own more that one shade. It also has a really strong fragrance, which is pleasant but it is definitely stronger than most lipsticks that I have tried.


The shade is definitely an exception in my vanity. I refrain from blue based shade and this has a very prominent purple tint to it. It looks more pink when I swatch it on my hands on more of a purple when I swatched it on my lips. Nonetheless, I love the shade. It is the perfect balance between pink and mauve that works during the day and even when you want to dress to go out during the night.

The texture of the lipstick is soft and moisturising. I don’t have particularly dry lips so I can skip wearing a lip balm with this.even with this texture, there was no bleeding or feathering issues.
The lipstick gives a very soft satin glossy finish. Its not flashy but yes there is definitely a little bit of shine factor in it so when you wear it during the day I suggest using a lighter hand. Another reason to use a lighter hand while applying this lipstick is that the pigmentation is amazing. You get full coverage with just one swipe. 
What surprised me the most about this lipstick was the staying power. It literally doesn’t budge from your lips no matter what you eat or drink. This is very surprising considering how pocket friendly the price is and well even the most high end brands fade after a good meal. This one however stays put, doesn’t transfer and saves me the effort of multiple touch ups ๐Ÿ™‚

I am not going to make a yay-nay list for this because honestly I can’t think of anything that bothers me about this lipstick. The range has a great shade selection, One of a kind is true to its name is one of a kind shade and would a good addition to your vanity. The pigmentation, the texture, the finish and most of all the staying power and more than you can ask ever expect from a 200 bucks lipstick. I am very happy with this range and I am definitely going to pick some more shades….even if the prices have been revised…I now know that they are worth every penny.

Have you tried these lipsticks?
Do you love them as much as I do?
Share your views with me by commenting below ๐Ÿ™‚