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Rimmel London Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation: Review and FOTD

Now even though I love my full coverage heavy mousse like foundation to the death, I don’t even want to look at them during summers. My skin is already a mess in summers and it just feels even more uneasy if I try to wear heavy foundations in the rising temperature so May-June is usually the time when start to hunt for light weight products that would give me decent coverage. The last year was all about BB creams so I did not even need to look for a foundation but this year I had to and I decided to try the Rimmel London Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation.

Price: Rs 645 for 30 ml
The Rimmel London Match Perfection Light Perfecting Radiance Foundation comes in a transparent glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It’s not a secret that I don’t like glass packaging but then again most foundations come in them so I don’t really have a choice however I absolutely love pump packaging as they help me to control the quantity of the product I use plus they ensure that there is no spillage.

I absolutely love the texture of this foundation. Its slightly runny but has a very light weight which as I mentioned is something very important for me in the summers. The texture ensures that it spreads and blends easily and leaves you with a nice glowy and somewhat dewy finish. I was kind of hoping that the finish would be matte considering the high temperature already turns my skin into an oily mess but then I can always turn the semi dewy finish into an almost matte one using some compact and loose powder.

I wouldn’t say the foundation has moisturising properties so you do need to moisturise your skin before you apply it and it comes all the more the necessary if you have a dry skin or if you are planning to use this foundation during winters.
The foundation also has SPF 18 which has its pros and cons. The biggest pro is that you can skip adding a layer of sunscreen and the biggest con of that SPF is that it leaves a whitish cast which is visible in pictures especially if you wear it at night.

The foundation is available in 6 shades in India and the shade I opted for is 200 Soft Beige. It is a little light for my skin and I do plan to try 303 True Nude which I think would suit my skin tone better. Soft beige is more for NC 39-41 and True Nude is for NC 41-43. The 6 shades do give you a decent choice in terms of shade selection but I would urge you to do a patch test before buying it because some shades have very slight difference which is only visible when you compare them with your skin.

In terms of coverage, the Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation gives a light to medium coverage which easily hides minor blemishes.  But if you have major discoloration or very dark blemishes then you would need a good concealer to get a flawless finish. Another big advantage of the light weight formula is that you can layer the foundation to get the coverage you need without getting a very heavy feeling on your skin.
Now the staying power of this foundation is average. It stays on me for around 4-5 hours without a primer and an additional hour or so of I wear a primer before I apply it. 

Do you see the shade mismatch 🙁

All in all, its a decent foundation atleast for summers. It gives a natural dewy finish without being too heavy on the skin. I am not really fan of the the whitish cast of the SPF and staying power but then again with temperature reaching around 50 degrees, I need the SPF and its a miracle that I am not melting away.

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