Rimmel London Waterproof Eye Definer in Sable: Review and Swatch

There was a very huge phase of colored liners last year and for me that fascination hasn’t faded of completely yet. The first thing I decided to do when I made a list of things I need to buy for my makeup trousseau was to make a list of all possible colored liners available in the market and one of the top shades was brown.  So one of the buys thanks to the list was the Rimmel London Waterproof Eye Definer in the shade Sable.


Price: Rs 345 for 5 gms

The eye definer comes in the form of a plastic retractable pencil. One side has the eye pencil and the other end has a sponge smudge brush. Both the ends have plastic caps to protect them but the most amazing thing about the packaging is that the sponge brush end is detachable and opens up to a sharpener. I love how efficient, smart and functional every part of the packaging is. Totally impressed with the packaging and it is one of the highlights of the product.




The texture of the pencil is soft and creamy so it glides very easily on the eye lid and waterline. It does not irritate my eyes or cause any kind of watering. It doesn’t smudge or budge alot even from the waterline which supports it waterproof claim.


Sable is a beautiful coffee brown shade which compliments the the Indian skin tone in a beautiful manner. I love my black liners but the brown adds a nice little warmth to my eyes. There was a nude/beige liner on waterline trend


Though I love different shades of eye liners but for regular use I stick to black and brown shade. This was another reason I picked it for. The shade is can be described as coffee brown in lighter tone. It will suit the Indian skin tone very well. To get the real colour you need to apply it in at least two to three strokes. Single swipe won’t give you the real shade. When applied on the water line it does not cause any irritation. Water proof claim is very right as even if you splash water on your eyes, you won’t see any difference in the shade. I usually need a cleanser to remove it. Talking of the staying power, it stays well on the eyes for around six to eight hours. After which the intensity of the shade fades down but still it lingers on the eyes. Though I am not a big fan of retractable pencils but this one is worth the price. So I liked it over all.