Selfie 101 with Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe

If you are as obsessed with clicking that one stunning selfie then you probably understand how frustrating it is to get to get that perfect shot. I wouldn’t say I have the best selfies out there but I like to do my research for anything and everything that fascinates me and do it in the best possible way. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you get that cute selfie you have been trying to click for the past whole hour :p

Find That Perfect Light

Finding the perfect light solves half of your problem. Natural and soft light work towards you getting that flawless complexion minus all the zillion filters you add to get the same result.  Too much light or harsh light swallow your features….I mean we have all seen thousands of nose less selfies thanks to this. Fluorescent lighting is another no-no because it makes you look pale and sallow.

Left: Fluorescent Lighting ; Right: Natural Light

Camera Position

Positioning your camera at slightly higher angle gives you better pictures because it tends to good features like your eyes look bigger while helps to create an illusion of smaller shoulders and sharper chin. When I say high, I don’t mean sky-high because that will make you look like a caricature with a big head and small body so instead it should be positioned slightly higher to your eye level. In case you are trying to include something or someone behind you and someone or something is taller than you thus you are forced to put your phone lower than face height, turn away from the camera and use your best angle and posture to avoid getting the scary flaring nostrils and the huge chin 🙂

Look at that huge chin!!!!
Here my forehead and nose looks quite big 🙁
I look like a bobble head here :p

The Magic Of The Right Angle

Everyone has a better side, identify that and well use it for your picture. But clicking a picture from the same angle can get a little boring sometimes so you can try to replace the angle with a slight tilt of your head . The tilt should not be more than like a 30 degrees because too much tilt is never a good thing either.

Definitely not the right angle 🙁
A little better 🙂
Much Better 😀

Have Fun

Selfies showing off a new look you created or maybe that haircut your got or flaunting that super cute dress are great but the best selfies are the ones that shows off your personality.  I love to pose but just like everything else , but I love to use props or crazy antics equally…because if you are not having fun , it is almost impossible to get that perfect shot.


and lastly and obviously….

A Great Camera

Well this is obviously super important because no matter how much you pose or show the right angle, you need a great camera to capture all that craziness. One of my favorite smart phones as a selfie addict is the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe. With a 13 MP primary and 5 MP front camera, autofocus, dual-LED (dual tone) flash which basically means soft yellow and peach flash instead of the harsh white flash that makes you look like a ghost , touch focus, face detection, panorama, HDR and a beautification feature which helps you Photoshop your pictures on the go, it has everything you need for that perfect selfie to post on your social media handles. I know people who have carried this phone on trips and did not miss their very expensive and efficient DSLRs thanks to the quality of the picture clicked by this phone. The added feature in this phone is the Zenflash, an external mini flash that you can connect to the phone to capture all those selfies with your friend or bae after a late night outing. To shoo away any doubts that you might have, every picture you see in this post has been clicked by the Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe….now do you believe me 😀






I am not a selfie expert ( if that is even a thing :p) but I do love to take selfie ( go check my Instagram and Snapchat if you don’t believe me 😀 ) and these are things I do and hopefully will help my fellow selfie addicts. Writing this post became more fun and super easy with Asus Zenfone 2 Deluxe so if you are one of those people who check the camera specification of a phone before they check anything else….this phone is something you look at. Go to Flipkart to check it out.