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Sephora 8 Hr Mattifying Pressed Powder: Review and Swatches

Sephora is a synonym for self control for me….its one place where I have to keep myself in check or I end up with basket full of amazing products and a big gaping hole in my wallet. So I usually plan ahead where I have to go and only visit that counter, pick up what I want and go straight to the billing counter. This time the plan was to visit the Sephora counters and pick up a contouring palette I had seen a while back. 
Unfortunately it was out of stock so I obviously found some time to look around and drifted a little to the left towards blushes, foundations and compact powder and that’s where I located Sephora 8 Hr Mattifying Pressed Powder. Even though I picked it up with  a different purpose( which I will talk about at the end of the post), I tried it as a pressed powder for the review purpose ๐Ÿ™‚

Price: Rs 992 for 10 gms
Sephora 8 Hr Mattifying Pressed Powder in a pan packaging with a transparent lid. I really like the packaging- its very sturdy and chic. The only problem with the packaging that it doesn’t come with an applicator and even though I generally find these applicators pretty useless, they come very handy when you want to do an instant touch up.

Even though the Sephora website shows that the pressed powder is available in 24 shades, In Sephora Delhi I saw around 8 shades. The one I picked up is Mocha and as you can see in the picture, it is a shade darker than my skin tone and no it was not a case of bad lighting or lack of choice, I picked a shade on purpose…wait a few more minutes to know the reason ๐Ÿ™‚

The texture of  the powder is quite different than most of the pressed powders I have used. Its texture is very fine almost like a good quality loose powder which ensures that you don’ get a patchy finish. I absolutely love the texture as most pressed powder give a very cakey finish to the non oily zones of my face. 
In terms of coverage, as it’s pretty pigmented so the coverage is on the higher side. It does mattify the face however the effect doesn’t last beyond 4 hours which is pretty disappointing considering it costs a bomb. 
Ok I guess most of you must have guessed it by now but if you haven’t well the reason I picked up this pressed powder in a darker shade was because as I mentioned I did not find the contouring kit I was looking for and the next best alternative was finding either a matte blush or a pressed powder and this powder was just perfect. As the texture is smooth, it blends like a dream giving me a pretty contoured look ๐Ÿ˜€

To review it, I used it with my L’Oreal  True Match BB Cream which if you remember was a shade lighter than my skin tone so I balanced it using this face powder. Anyhow, this works wonders as a contouring powder and the pigmentation ensures that quantity used is less so the 10 gms will last me a very very long time. 
Final Verdict: Definitely not the best compact out there…I would rather recommend you to buy Rimmel which is inexpensive and performs way better than this one as a presses powder. However if you are looking for a contouring powder which is not something available in India easily, pick this one up….its completely matte…no glitters so you will end with a well sculpted face :). 

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