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Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in Cute Pink Shimmery: Review and Swatches

My little monster sister is as much of a makeup addict as I am. So much so that when she had a little Secret Santa thing at her workplace…most of the gifts she got was makeup. Well, I am not complaining because I have to say her Secret Santas were pretty generous and did not really stick to run of the mill brands, instead we got stuff from Sephora, MAC and even Bobby Brown ( I want such secret santas too :p). One of these gifts was this shiny tube from Sephora and its was the Sephora Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in the shade Cute Pink Shimmery.
Price: Its a gift so don’t the exact price but the website mentions $14 for 0.11 oz( ~3gms)
The lip gloss comes in a long sleek transparent tube with a black cap attached to an applicator. The packaging has no unique features…looks like most lip glosses. The applicator has a doe foot shape which in my experience is not really the best shape because it just picks up a lot more product than required. Rest of the packaging is pretty sturdy and the cap stays in place so the only way you can have a mess in your bag is if you did not close the cap properly.

The shade Cute Pink Shimmery is a pale pink with lots of shimmer( considering the name…that shouldn’t be such a surprise). It is definitely not a shade I can wear on it own as it completely washes me out but if you are on the fairer side and looking for a little color on your lips you could give it a shot but I would suggest swatching it on your lips before you buy it. To make it work on me, I usually apply it over a lipstick or lip liner.
Coming to the texture, well the lip gloss is quite thick and has a very sticky texture. The texture and the applicator make it a little difficult to get an even finish and I do have to work with it for a while to get the desired results. Its a beautiful shade but the texture just puts me off. Another thing I absolutely hate about this lip gloss is how heavy it feels on my lips and well thanks to the sticky texture, one gust of wind and my hair get stuck on my lips :(. 
Staying power isn’t too impressive either. The lip gloss vanishes the moment I eat or drink anything and even if I don’t, the longest it has lasted on me is around 1.5 hours. 
All in all, I don’t like this lip gloss. I am usually not a big fan of lip glosses for certain reason and well this one just reasserts all of them. I do like the color but the texture is just way to sticky for my comfort :(.
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