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Sleek Makeup Blush in Flamingo: Review and Swatches

My mornings at work start with a session of one of my colleague K who thinks he is funny sharing a joke with my friend N who sits right next to my workstation and has the tendency to end up in fits of laughter at the drop of a hat.  The joke for today morning was “Why does a flamingo stand on one leg?….Because if he lifted that leg off the ground he would fall down ”  While my reaction was a face palm , my friend obviously ended up laughing her ass off and getting weird glares from the rest of the office. 
Even though the joke did not really tickle my funny bone (keep trying K…I am sure you will get it right someday :P) it did remind me of this very pretty blush called Flamingo that I got from Sleek. I don’t know how I forgot to review it on the blog even though I have been using it a lot since I have got it. So without wasting any more time, let me tell you all about it 🙂

Price:  $5.99 for 8 gms.

Sleek blushes just like their palettes come in a compact black plastic packaging. I love this packaging because not only does it look good but it has a mirror in it. The quality of the packaging is great. They are sturdy, small and sleek. The only problem is that the cover is not so no way to know what shade it is until and unless you check the label…I know it’s not a big deal…but I am sure there are some lazy girls like me out there who absolutely hate locating a shade by reading labels.

Flamingo is a bright pink blush, yup just like the bird. The blush is powder based with a very soft texture. It looks matte in the pan but when I apply it on the cheeks I get a beautiful satin finish. It blends quite effortlessly so I never face the issue of patchy finish. 

The pigmentation of this blush is jaw dropping. This is definitely one of the most pigmented blushes I have and because of this I am very careful when I use it. A light swirl in the pan and careful application on my cheeks gives me nice rosy cheeks to flaunt.  
Staying power is pretty decent on my oily skin. It stays on me for 3-4 hours which is alright but I was definitely expecting a little higher staying power considering how pigmented it is. 

I can’t really think about any negatives about this product apart from the availability as I have definitely heard a lot of cases of sleek packages not reaching their destination. 
Let’s take a quick look at the Yay-Nay list
  • Sleek and sturdy packaging
  • Soft texture
  • Blends easily
  • Highly pigmented
  • Decent staying power


  • Availability

This blush is the perfect color for that healthy pink glow but don’t go overboard with or you’ll end up looking like those a scary clown. Now that we are heading towards the winters, I can definitely see myself reaching out for it quite a lot. Even though it is a risky to order it from the website and with shipping it becomes a little expensive, you have to consider that you get 8 gms of blush in the pan, and as this blush is all about the less is more philosophy, it will last you a while so all in all it is a good investment.

Have you tried the Sleek blushes?
Which is your favorite shade?