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SmartEat Snack Boxes: Review

There is always a time during our day…when the sane part of our mind gets dominated by the blind urge to eating something…no matter how unhealthy it is.This urge to munch for me usually comes around the evening and I am not proud to admit but the choices I make are definitely not something that’s good for my body. 
Obviously I am not the only one who commits this mistake almost on a daily basis and maybe that’s why the people at Smart Eats identified what a big problem it was and came up with this amazing idea to deliver a Smart Snack Box that has a variety of 4-5 snacks which is sufficient for a month right to your doorstep!

I received my box within two days of placing the order. The snacks arrived in a sturdy cardboard box and all the snacks were neatly stacked inside the box

Inside were 5 types of snacks which were packed in zip lock bags that were very clearly labelled. Each snacks also had a list of ingredients included. Unlike the labels that you see in supermarket stuff…yes the ones that look like a page out of a chemistry book…these labels are pretty simple to read and interpret.

I was pretty impressed with variety that I received. The box had a mix of sweet and savory snacks so you can choose and well if you like both then you are in for a treat. 

Here is a closer look to the snacks that I got in the box

I absolutely loved the dehydrated strawberries…they were amazing…my family seemed to agree because I barely got a bite out of the whole packet and it was finished within minutes. The Granola bar was chewy and thankfully not as sweet as the packaged ones. The walnut Brownie Biscotti and Jaipuri Mixture turned out to be the perfect tea time snacks. The cookies were a little dry for my taste but well it was nothing that a good cup of ginger tea could not compensate for.

I am pretty happy with this service. They are quick, they respond withing hours, the box had everything they promised, the quantity and the quality of the snacks is great so overall it delivers everything it promises. The process to place an order is pretty simple. All you need to do is log into the website, choose the kind of snacks you want, place an order and voila…you get a big box of yummy snacks delivered. The only issue with this service right now is that they only deliver in the NCR area right now but they do plan to expand their services in future so keep an eye on their website at

P.S. I was provided this box for review purpose, the opinion expressed as always is completely honest