Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lipcolor in Foiled Brat: Review, Swatches & FOTD

The one thing that I miss the most when I am sailing is the weather in Delhi. I know I usually crib about the ever changing Delhi weather giving my skin and hair a hard time but when I am away from home, I miss having the plethora of seasons every few months.

This year, however, the weather was quite on track this year in Delhi so I got to enjoy a really cold winter and got to wear all my boots, overcoats but most importantly my dark lipsticks.

Since I am an eternal optimistic, I had stocked up on some nice plums, purples and maroons before I left the US. One of the product I bought was the Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lipcolor in the shade Foiled Brat. This was one shade that was a bit out of my comfort zone so read on to find out how my experience was.

Price: $24.00 for 8 ml.


The Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lipcolor comes in a plastic tube packaging with a screw on cap that has a wand attached to it. The packaging is pretty travel and user friendly. You can also see the color of the lip color on the tube so you don’t have to spend extra time reading the labels and looking for the shade you want.

Texture & Product

The lip color has a thick texture with quite a glossy finish. The texture is really creamy and because its thick, the coverage is quite good. The formula is lightly hydrating so you don’t have to worry about it settling into any lines or cracks in your lips.

The shade I got is called Foiled Brat and it is a berry shade with very subtle undertones of  plum and violet. The shade looks brighter in the tube but appears more plum on the lips.

As quite clearly mentioned in the name of the lip color, this range has a metallic finish so if you do not like your lip colors to be glittery and bright, this lip color is not for you.

My Experience

I have an unhealthy addiction to liquid lipsticks and anyone who has seen my vanity can attest to that. However, I am usually a more matte finish kind of girl so one of the reason I picked up this product was that I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and go for a metallic finish. Little did I know what I was in for.

Now I was expecting a glossy finish but this lip color doesn’t dry at all and just sits on my lips which gets kid of annoying after a point of time because you can’t do anything without transferring it everywhere. Do not even get me started on the situation when its a windy day and I decide to keep my hair open while wearing this lip color. Also, I can pretty much feel the lip color sitting on my lips which is super uncomfortable.

The pigmentation and coverage is great and a single swipe is enough for you to get a nice layer of color on your lips. The texture ensure that it spreads around well and the doe shaped applicators gets to all corners of the lips very easily. The wear time is around 4-5  hours even after heavy transfers but I think that is due the thicker texture which by the way constantly reminded me of the cheap lip glosses I used to buy when I was teenager.

Final Verdict

Overall, I do regret purchasing this product because as I mentioned I am not a big fan of the glossy finish and thick texture. The transfer becomes so annoying particularly when you are trying to eat or drink something. The shade is pretty much the only thing I like about this product so I would wear it on occasions when I can get away with looking a bit extra but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are a fan of thick lip glosses.

Have you used the Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lipcolor?

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