Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer: Review

It’s an absolutely amazing time for makeup lovers in India because more and more international brands finally decided to grace the Indian markets with their presence. The latest brand to get launched in India is Smashbox and obviously, I was more than excited to get my hands on their amazing products without paying for the excessive shipping. One of the first products I got was the Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer.

Price: Rs 1100 for 16 oz

The Smashbox photo finish oil free foundation primer comes in a transparent squeeze tube packaging with a black cap. It is simple no fuss packaging that fits into your travel bag without taking too much space. I love the fact that I can see the amount of product left so there is no surprise when I need to use the product the most.

The primer has a gel like consistency and spreads on the skin like a dream. My skin looks and feels smoother after applying the primer. The primer doesn’t have a very strong fragrance and the slight fragrance vanishes as soon as I apply it.

The primer gives a really smooth base to put on my foundation. I have started noticing a few open pores near my nose but those appear to even out after wearing the primer. It is a clear primer so I do need to use a concealer for any color correction. My foundation definitely gives me better coverage and lasts longer when I wear it over this product. Also, my face remained matte a bit longer than usual which is a joy that only a girl with oily skin can appreciate.something  In addition to doing a decent job at keeping my makeup in place, the primer also did make it easier to apply. The primer is expensive but you only need a little drop to cover your entire face. The gel formula is great and it really does give your skin the “velvety-smooth” finish they describe. Try to avoid touching your face to feel how soft it is because that won’t help your makeup stay put.

I am usually able to cover my whole face using a pea sized quantity of the product. One of my major concerns with any primer is that if it has too much silicon then I get a nice patch of zits on my cheeks and jaw bone area but that did not happen with the Smashbox primer (happy dance!!!!). I do have to touch up my makeup after a few hours but it is not as frequently as I usually have to.

Overall, I think it is an amazing primer and live up to its hype. I love how my skin feels after applying the primer and my makeup goes on better and stays on better as well. This product has been such a savior during these hot humid weather and I have pretty much used it every day. I would recommend this primer to anyone who is looking for a good primer that can help their makeup to stay on longer while giving them a bit of oil control