Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream: Review

Ok so I guess when most of you meet somebody new this is usually what happens
Step 1:  Smile
Step 2: Introduce yourself
Step 3: Say nice to meet you when the other person introduces themselves and shake hands with them 
Step 4: You start making small talks while passing comments about them in your mind till somebody new comes along and then you are back step 1

Now when I meet somebody new step 1 to 3 are pretty much the same but post the handshake my mind starts to wander…particularly when the person I have shook my hands with has very soft hands.

Step 4 for me: “Oh my god he/she has such soft hands :o”
                        “My hands are soo dry :(“
                        “I wonder what hand cream do they use”
                        ”Should I ask?”
                       ”Who asks about hand cream dude…they will think you are some                              weird chick with some kind of weird hand fetish :P”

I am pretty sure that anybody who has dry hands might be able to relate to my step 4 thought bubble…ok maybe not the whole conversation but definitely parts of it. Anyhow…the bottom line is I have very dry hands and I am always on the lookout for a good hand cream so when I visited Sephora after attended the Wella Blogger event…I decided to try the Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream

Price: Rs 700 for 125 ml ( Rs 360 for 50 ml)

Let’s talk about the packaging first :). This hand cream comes in a very cute pink tube packaging with flip top cap.  No issues with packaging…its sturdy…its hygienic and well extra points for the cute color combination :p

One of the reasons behind me picking up this hand cream was the delicious fragrance. The moment I had a whiff of this product, I knew that I was not walking out of Sephora without it. It smells like this combination of vanilla, marshmallows and a little bit of chocolate….I mean don’t tell you can resist this amazing combination…because for me every time I apply it, I feel like I have a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows around me.

The product is a pearly white cream with a very creamy consistency. When you look at it for the first time, you might feel that it will leave an oily feeling behind but it gets absorbed in the matter of a few seconds without leaving any of that icky sticky feeling. 

Coming to the staying power, well I guess this hand cream is an all-rounder (A dream come true for every Indian parent :p) Anyhow, I loved the staying power!! I can feel the effect of the cream for at least 4-5 hours and it survives hand washes as well. 

All in all, no complains from this hand cream. It does everything it claims, has this amazing fragrance and looks super cute. The only issue I see with it is the availability as for now it’s only available at Sephora and we just two outlets in the whole country so either get your friends from Delhi to ship them to you or pick it up while visiting 🙂 . I am definitely picking this one again whenever I visit Sephora next.  

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