Spa Ceylon Intensive Hand Cream in Neroli Jasmine: Review

One of the highlights of my trip to Srilanka was the nature inspired products and services. This was one vacation where me and my husband decided to just relax and not really worry about sightseeing and being all touristy. I am going to do a mini travel post about Srilanka and the little sightseeing that we did but for now, we are going to talk about the hidden gem I discovered at our southern neighbors. I am talking about the amazing brand called Spa Ceylon.

We stumbled upon Spa Ceylon while going to Gangaramaya Temple during the evening. The outlet looked like this party in the middle of the busy market and I promised myself to visit this store for sure. Little did I know that this was one of the most popular brands of Srilanka and they had spa services available as well. Needless to say, my husband and I squeezed in a spa session and then I did a bit of retail therapy as well.

One of the products that I absolutely loved was their hand creams. I am a sucker for good hand creams and the sheer variety of options they have made me go a little crazy in their store. I got a bunch of hand creams from them which I gifted to family and friends but the most popular fragrance was the Spa Ceylon Intensive Hand Cream in Neroli Jasmine.

Spa Ceylon Packaging

Price: Rs 649 for 30 gms


The Spa Ceylon Intensive Hand Cream in Neroli Jasmine comes in a metallic tube and a black screw on cap. I particularly love how bright the neroli jasmine tube is. I am going through a “I love everything mustard/yellow” phase and the packaging played right into this obsession. The product is a beautiful mustard colored tube and every time I take out this tube, everyone asks about the brand so it is definitely a packaging that catches your attention. Along with being beautiful, the tube is very sleek and sturdy so there is no issue with travelling with it.

Spa Ceylon Tube

Spa Ceylon Hand Cream

Product & Texture

The cream is a beautiful shiny pearly white cream with a pretty smooth texture. The cream spreads very easily and smells like real jasmines. The fragrance is a bit strong but it just fades away post application though personally, I don’t mind the amazing floral fragrance on my hands.

Spa Ceylon Had Cream

My Experience

The hand cream has a very easy texture to work with. A pea sized amount is more than sufficient to cover my hands generously. The product doesn’t leave behind any residue or feel oily on my hands. I am not someone who puts in a lot of effort when it comes to my nails so it was a nice surprise to see that my cuticles were not dry or any hangnails since I started using this cream.

The fragrance is one of my favorite things about it and it kind of motivates me to apply it regularly. I also noticed that the darkness near my nail bed which was a sign of dryness started reducing with regular use.

The cream doesn’t give any miraculous results but it does improve the quality of your hands and nails with regular use. The fact that they are paraben and parafen free along with being made of 100% vegetarian ingredients makes me even more happy.

Jasmine Hand Cream

Final Verdict

I love the fact that this product doesn’t give any tall claims that it cannot meet. The cream does everything it is supposed to do while smelling like a basket of fresh flowers. I am pretty much hooked to this cream and it has become a permanent addition to my hand bag.

The best part is that it is one of the few international brands that I have reviewed on the blog that are available in India. Nykaa recently restocked a bunch of products from Spa Ceylon and this hand cream is one of them so you can try it very easily.

Have you used any products from Spa Ceylon?

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