Spa experience at The Four Fountain Spa

Hello Girls,
I have mentioned before how working in a KPO is a very hectic job. Long working hours and stressful deadlines do a take a toll on the mind and the body, so when I got a chance to try out the services of The Four Fountain Spa, I grabbed the opportunity and went for a session last week.

The Four Fountains Spa is located at South Extension and Gurgaon in the NCR area. I opted to visit the South Extension branch which is located right in the middle of the famous market. As I entered the spa I was greeted by a very earthy decor and cosy environment which I absolutely loved and a very professional staff who took me through the various spa services available and which category they fall under. All services fall under one of the  four categories- Destressing, Detoxification, Immunity and Beauty.

I was also introduced to Dr. Risha, the in-house physiotherapist who tested my stress level and based on the assessment, suggested me to go for the destressing category.I decided to go for the Aromatherapy Massage which is basically a gentle massage therapy that uses French Lavender and Ylang Ylang essential oils to release hormones that recharge the mind and remove mental exhaustion. 
After this I was introduced to my therapist who guided me towards the therapy room. I do feel that the rooms are a bit small, but yes they were absolutely clean and hygienic which the first thing I look for whenever I visit a spa. I was given disposable underclothes to change in to. 

I have to highlight the fact that the therapist made sure that I was comfortable the whole time and thus after  enjoying the sweet fragrance of lavender and the amazing massage from the well trained therapist for a whole hour, I come out feeling pretty relaxed and not to mention absolutely ready to hit the bed and snore off. 

After the session I had a brief discussion with Dr. Risha and she took my feedback, she also provided me with information regarding the therapy that I had just enjoyed and also gave me my prescription booklet in which she highlighted some of the changes in lifestyle, diet and some exercises that could help me reduce my stress level even further.
Final verdict…..If you are looking for relaxing day out and to pamper your self without burning a big hole in your wallet, you have to try The Four Fountains Spa. They are affordable, yet the quality of service is great, their staff is very well trained and the overall atmosphere of the place is really soothing. I had a great experience and I do see myself re-visiting them quite often.
For information on location, various therapies etc. visit their website http://www.thefourfountainsspa.in
P.S. I was offered complimentary service from The Four Fountains Spa for the purpose of review, but my opinion is honest.