Spice Trail of Rajasthan Festival @ The Westin, Gurgaon

When it comes to my food, spicy dripping with ghee is my comfort food of choice so when I got invited to the Spice Trail Of Rajasthan festival hosted by The Westin, Gurgaon, I said yes without wasting any time on second thoughts.


For me Rajasthani food is all about bold flavours and use of grains that you normally don’t see in the north of India so I was not sure whether the claim that they are serving authentic Rajasthani food will hold true. To my surprise, the chefs had already anticipated this question and to make sure that the festival had the real touch of Rajasthan not only did they fly in some of the best chefs from the region but also flew in all the ingredients of the menu.


After a long chat with the chef in charge if the Westin Spice Trail kitchen along with the team of Rajasthani chef, we finally delved into the rich goodness from this region. Our meal began with a saffron infused welcome drink that I couldn’t get enough of. This was followed by some amazing chaat from the region along with the famous Mirch Ke Pakode that are considered an integral part of tea time in this region.





Next on the table came the dish I was looking forward to the most, Dal Baati Churma which is like a synonym for Rajasthani cuisine for most people. I loved how passionate the chefs were to explain the right way to combine all the different ingredients in the dal baati to enjoy it to the fullest. A really interesting fact that I learnt from the chefs were that Dal baati Churma is a meal on its own with the dal and baati being the main course with churma as dessert.



Another huge part of the menu were the 14 different varieties of chutneys and pickles. Rajasthan being a dessert area is a very difficult terrain for habitation so the cuisine reflects that. The habitants of this region rely alot on pickles  which act as preservatives and grains like Bajra, Jwar, Barley that provide high levels of energy. The whole menu highlighted the interesting ways these grains were used even in various gravies.




I love how the menu was not tweaked to match the north Indian palate which is a very common thing at most places. Infact you could see that the brains behind the festival were really aiming to keep everything true to the region and what could be a bigger proof of that than getting in all the ingredients of the dishes from the region itself.  I was definitely transported to the colorful state of rajasthan for a few hours and everything I tasted was amazing. If you want to taste the authentic flavor of Rajasthan while getting acquainted withe the details of the region and the cuisine then head over to The Westin Gurgaon before 23rd October.