Hi Girls,
Raise your hand if you hate the approaching winters because it is soo difficult to get up in the morning in this weather (I am waving my two hands up in the air πŸ˜› )
This struggle to get up in the morning…after hitting the snooze option on my alarm like a zillion times…leaves me with no time for my regular workout πŸ™
Combine this lack of exercise with hours of sitting in front of the laptop and carrying that big laptop as you commute from one corner of the city to another equals acute pain in the back, neck, shoulders and legs.

I am sure a lot of you face this problem as well…but are you aware that there is a simple solution to this whole lack of time, no exercise and painful consequences situation?
Well that solution is….STRETCHING!!!

Stretching is just about the most simplest of all physical activities.It can be done all day long…you could start your day by basic stretching exercises while sitting on your bed, do some while you are working, definitely before and after a session of exercise, or  even before you go to bed.

Regular stretching leads to:

  • reduction in muscle tension
  • improvement in blood circulation
  • reduction in anxiety, stress and fatigue
  • better posture
  • increase in flexibility 
I have been doing a little bit of stretching as soon as I get up and before I go to bed…and I  have definitely noticed alot of improvement in my sleep as well as the pain that I have in my lower back and my neck.
It barely takes me 15-20 minutes in the morning to stretch and I feel really energetic after it…maybe because of the boost in blood circulation in my system.
Here are some of the stretching exercises I do these days…

You could also check out some great stretching exercises here.

Do you workout and stretch everyday?
Share your suggestions with me by commenting below πŸ™‚