Sunday Spotlight on YouTube Channels: Sarah Fit TV

Hi Girls!!!

For this post in the spotlight series,I decided to talk to about a fitness guru on YouTube.
My schedule does not allow me to join a gym but unfortunately my body has a tendency to gain weight if I don’t exercise regularly πŸ™ …. and then I get bored very easily so I can’t really stick to one kind of a workout for long

So when I am looking for a new workout regime….the first place I look is Sarah Dussault’s  SarahFit TV.

Sarah is a full time blogger and she began her career in fitness when she started working with Diet.com but moved on to starting her own fitness based channel in 2009. She is also a certified personal trainer and her channel was one of the first fitness based channels on YouTube.
Her videos features her favorite exercises and workouts, as well as product reviews, meal ideas, weight loss tips, grocery store hauls, and workout playlists.  
I love that her videos target common problem areas and tell you exactly what you are supposed to do , and she incorporates weights, Pilates, yoga and more into the workouts so it doesn’t get monotonous at all. She breaks down every exercise into small steps which makes it easier to follow what she is doing and the chances of going wrong and hurting yourself is low. And the most amazing thing about her videos is her personality…working out is difficult…but if you are watching somebody who is friendly and motivating…it definitely helps.
Here are some of my favorite videos from her channel
So who is your favorite fitness guru on YouTube?
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