Sunday Spotlight on YouTube Channels : Bebexo

Hi Girls,

So I am back with the next installment of  the ‘Sunday Spotlight On YouTube Channels‘  and this week the  channel I am going to talk about is Bebexo

Nee, of the YouTube channel Bebexo, is a hair-styling genius. No, really. Not only does she know how to morph lovely locks, but she knows how to teach others how to create those same looks in the simplest of terms. 

The thing that I like most about her channel is that her videos are to the point and very concise.I mean common who wants to watch a 10-15 minutes long video for a hair tutorial…  

The video quality is great and the tutorials are absolutely simple and clear. Even the most complicated hair style look like a piece of cake in her videos :D.
So whether you want to dress up those tresses for a special occasion or if you are just tired of the simple ponytail or braid….just visit this channel and find some great idea to style your hair into something pretty ๐Ÿ™‚
Here are some my favorite tutorials from this channel
So which is your favorite YouTube Channel?
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