Tap-Your-Beer @ Smoke On Water, Connaught Place

A few days back I was having this conversation with a friend that how Connaught Place or CP as it popularly known as was such a hub when it came to outings when we were kids. It did end up loosing its charm a few years back but after the recent renovation and a host of new restaurants opening up there, CP is slowly getting back to the top my “I want to spend my Friday night here” list.  One such Friday night was spent on attending the media launch of Smoke on Water, the first tap-your-beer Gastro-pub.

Smoke On Water-11

As soon as you enter the place through a quite a huge and interesting looking door, you are greeted with a mix of grungy and rustic interior with brick walls, exposed ducts, wooden tables with a beer tap on them, multiple screens and amazing music. The have two floors to themselves and the place is pretty spacious.

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The USP of this place is their unique tap-your-beer system that allows guests to pay according to how much they drink rather than paying for the whole pint or glass and brands like Hoegaarden, Bira, Stella and Fosters to choose from.

Apart from the beer, Smoke On Water has quite a quirky cocktail menu. We started with the desi cocktails that came in pauwa bottles which were placed inside a fish bowl with liquid nitrozen placed in it. I am a big believer in you eat with your eyes first so the place definitely got some brownie points for surprising us with these cute desi daru bottles with colorful cocktails, surrounded by smoke. Totally recommend trying the Kaala Jamun one which was best of the lot.

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Smoke On Water


Next on our servers recommendation, we moved to one of my favorite drinks – the Long Island Ice Teas. They have a couple of versions of the original LIIT but the one that caught our attention was a mix of LIIT with red wine and a super cheesy name ‘Love is in the air’. This is definitely one of the best drinks on the menu and I would urge you not to skip it if you visit the bar. We also tried the Kiwi Cucumber Mojito, Pomme Basil Sangria and the Thai Mojito all of which turned out to pretty refreshing particularly the Kiwi Cucumber Mojito which was called in for another round.

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Drinks obviously go hand in hand with finger food and I guess Smoke on Water agrees because they have 16 varieties of chicken wings to pair up with your favorite beer or cocktail. Out of the ones we tried, some of our favorites were the peanut butter wings, parmesan garlic, mango and peri-peri. The wings are served with a generous serving of tartare sauce which turned to be the perfect combination with most of the flavors of the wings.

On the food front, we also tried crispy baby corn, onion rings, grilled polenta with feta cheese, nachos, chicken meatballs and a really flavorful chicken pizza. The meatballs with melt in the mouth texture in addition to the super moist chicken stole the show along with the pizza that had this perfect thin and crispy base with well seasoned toppings.

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The whole ambiance of the place is pretty party-centric with screens all over the place and rock music playing so loud that you can barely hear what the other person is saying but the food and drinks make it worth a visit. I love the tap your beer concept and their finger food menu is definitely something to try especially the chicken wings. I was pretty sad that I was so stuffed with all the food I had that I couldn’t try their burgers but then again,it gives me the perfect excuse to visit them again.

Picture Credits: Urshita Saini, New Delhi Studio