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Tea Time @ Cha Bar, Connaught Place

If you are a bookworm like me in the capital city then you know what I mean when I say Oxford bookstore is like a second home to me. And for the last few months, its not just the books that have been motivating me to visit this bookstore but this little cafe that has opened right inside it- the Cha Bar

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“Cha” Bar as the name clearly indicates is basically a tea bar sort of thing. The ambiance is pretty simple, with marble tables and steel chairs. I love the minimalistic decor ( apart from the giant chandelier) of the place as it just blends with its next door neighbour- the Oxford Bookstore.  

You can easily judge the popularity of this place considering the fact that at any point of time, you have to atleast wait for 15-20 minutes to be able to get a table. Once you have settled down, you are greeted by this extravagant menu that contains over 150 varieties of tea. To be honest, I wanted to try each and every one of the offered teas on the menu before I posted this review but I think it will take me a little more time ( maybe over an year :p) so for now I am going to talk about the ones I did try along with some other favourites from the menu 🙂

Lets talk about the tea section  first. I love my masala tea so on my first visit it was a total no-brainer to opt for it. There are a couple of variants of the masala tea in the menu but the one I picked up was the bollywood masala mix cha. It wasn’t really any different from the normal masala tea that I tasted in my subsequent visit except the fact that it came in this really colorful tea pot with Dimple Kapadia’s timeless character of Bobby painted on it. 

Bollywood Masala Cha
The other teas on the menu worth a mention are the Truck Driver 100 Mile ki Cha which has this amazing taste of ginger, rose teaslightly sweet but more than the taste its the fragrance that makes me order it….you have to try to understand what I am talking about and last but not the least the cinnamon cha…might prove to be a little strong for people who are not used to the taste of cinnamon but for a cinnamon lover like me its heaven in a cup.
Truck Driver 100 Mile Ki Cha….isn’t the cup holder cute?

Rose Tea
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If you are a coffee lover, cha bar has something for you as well however the choices are a little limited. Nonetheless, the cappuccino, the spiced cappuccino(another drink with loads of cinnamon) and chocolate mocha are my favourites.

Chocolate Mocha

In the cold beverage sections I loved the mint ice tea…its just perfect for summers, the raspberry ice tea…its definitely on the sweeter side but I love the blend of sweetness of the raspberries with the bitterness of the tea and the classic hazelnut cold coffee.

Raspberry Ice Tea

No tea party is complete without some tasty snacks and I guess Cha Bar understands that so they have included some really mouthwatering snacks. My favourites are the bun tikki , the samosa sandwich, fusilli alfredo, chicken pot pie, chili cheese toasties and platter of chips with dip.

Bun Tikki

Samosa Sandwich

Chili Cheese Toast

Alfredo Pasta

Platter of chips with dip ( they made us wait 20 minutes for the dip )

As soon as you enter the cafe, you see a dessert bar right in front of you so it was kind of obvious that I had to try some of them. Everything looked very tempting on display but unfortunately I was left a disappointed with most of them except the apple & cinnamon cake( see I told I am a cinnamon lover), the chocolate chip muffin…vanilla muffin with big chunks of chocolate in it  and the red velvet pastry…not the original one but its good. 

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Red Velvet Pastry

Even though this place has kind of become the preferred hangout joint or what is usually referred to as the “adda” for me and my friends, I wouldn’t mind a couple of improvements in terms of the service. It took me a while to try the menu before writing this review because most of the stuff we tried to order was unavailable. Also, on multiple occasions we had to wait a good 25 minutes before our order arrived and even then the order was incomplete. I am not really fond of the staff either as they really slow, clumsy( the servers keep bumping into each other and fall with the orders all the time) and some of them are down right rude.

I know its surprising that I still go back to this place after being so disappointed with the service but I guess I just love the whole concept and the ambiance that I turn a blind eye to the service. Its definitely one of my favourite book cafe in the city and well the assortment of teas and the pocket friendly bill amount just makes it one of the top choices when me and friends want to sit and chat. If you are in the area and a tea lover like me, make sure you pay Cha Bar a visit.

P.S. Love the fact that there is this small pot and single flower on each table. Couldn’t resist taking this picture

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