The Annoying Journey

Sonam looked at her watch…she was already running late. It would take her another 45 minutes to reach her  in-laws place.
45 minutes of travelling in the metro during the peak hour with her one year old on a weekday…she took in a big sigh.
Why the hell did her mother-in-law have to host a dinner during a weekday.
Didn’t it strike her that it would be so inconvenient…but she knew she had to go…she had already made an excuse the last time…if she did the same this time…her mom in law would know.
Her daughter started becoming cranky,
Oh no,not again ” she thought…Siya had been throwing tantrums all day…and she could see another one coming up
As she waited on the platform for the train to come…she looked around… 
Oh my god! So many people…don’t people have other mode of transport than the metro…Go on people…Buy a nano” 
And then it strikes her.
It was all Anuj’s fault…
Couldn’t he have just said no to his mom….and then he had to take the car.
Would it kill him to take the metro rather than make his wife and daughter do the same…
They were going have another fight today…she just knew it…her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the announcement.

As the train pulled in…Sonam picked up Siya and held her tight…she knew what would happen in a few minutes.
” Illiterates…Do they even know what standing properly means” 
The metro came and the doors opened.
Just as she had expected…people rushed from all sides,she was pushed inside with wave of people trying to get in,bumping into the poor souls who were trying to deboard.
Inside the train…she looked around.
” What’s the point ” she thought to herself.
Nobody cares if you have a baby with you.
And then she heard…”beta….beta
Sonam looked around to find the person calling out.
There she was….a frail little thing…her grey hair were tied in a shabby ponytail…here face was marked with sign of ageing…she was wearing this loose salwar kameez….

Beta” she called out again…Sonam looked around…was she talking to her
” Why is she shouting like that…. how embarrassing ” she thought
Arre beta tumhe hi bula rahi hun….yaha ajao…kyun bachi ko leke khadi ho ” the lady shouted again.

Sonam looked around… every body was looking at her… she looked at the lady again…had she even bathed…is it safe to sit next to her with Siya…what if Siya catches an infection…the old lady was still looking at her…” Uff  ” she thought

Sonam slowly moved towards the lady….the lady thoughtfully started making some space for Sonam to sit.
Its OK “Sonam said
Its OK Aunty, aap comfortably baith jao….I am OK
Nahi, Nahi beta…baitho ” she said, touching Sonam’s hand
Eww ” thought Sonam
She decided its better to just sit down before this lady creates a scene.
As she sat , she quickly pulled out the hand sanitizer from her bag,applying it on the hand that the lady had touched…then she took a side glance to see if the lady had seen her doing it…she had.
Sonam tried to stuffed the sanitizer out of sight in a bag in a hurry,doing so her hand hit Siya on the head..and Siya started crying.

Siya…Siya…no baby…you are a good girl na….don’t cry…don’t cry baby
Sonam tried to pacify Siya…but Siya was wailing.
Siya….baby please ” Sonam said in a pleading voice.
But Siya was her cranky self…and Sonam knew  she would now have to face her tantrums till they reach their destination.
Ten minutes had passed…Siya was still crying,and the co-passengers were looking at Sonam…she knew what they were thinking…what did they expect…her kid was crying and she was trying to pacify her…she was trying.
Suddenly the lady raised her hand towards Siya,trying to hold her.
Sonam was a little taken aback….”Nahi..Aunty…rehne dijiye… abhi chup hojaegi ” she said.
Siya gave a loud shriek as Sonam tried to keep her away from the lady.
Siya ” Sonam said in a threatening voice…but Siya kept crying.
The lady suddenly started patting hard on the metro support bar…her metal bangle made a clanking noise as her hand hit the bar again and again…Siya stopped crying…she was now more interested to see where the sound was coming from…she suddenly tried jumped out of Sonam’s lap and leaned towards the old lady…she wanted to try making that noise out of the bar too…the lady took her in her arms before Sonam could react.
Sonam was furious…” These old ladies don’t know there limits” she thought…Siya was giggling in the lady’s lap…she now wanted to stand and look out of the window…the lady quickly let her stand on the seat so that she could look outside.

The metro suddenly stopped with a strong jerk…Siya fell and started crying again…this time Sonam was quick…she immediately picked Siya and stood up…and tried to calm Siya down by making her play with her favorite toy she had brought with her…but Siya kept crying.

The old lady kept watching for a few minutes…..finally she stood up..took out some beads she had in her bag and a small metallic tiffin box out of her bag…she then put the beads in that box and started shaking the box…Siya immediately stopped crying…she wanted the tiffin box now…the lady gave it to her.

She then looked at Sonam.
Babies respond well to sounds, you want to distract them…next time she cries just try and catch her attention by suddenly creating some sound which intrigues her and she will be fine ” the lady said with a smile.

Sonam was shocked…
Did this lady just speak to me in English ?”
She looked at her from toe to head.
That doesn’t make sense” she thought.

The lady looked at Sonam 
Keep the tiffin and she’ll be fine.”
Sonam was still looking at the lady confused.
I know what you are thinking” she said with a smile

It might not look like it but I have around 15 years of experience working with kids. I know I don’t look that great, but that’s just the effect of age. It used to be a different story when I used to attend Lady Irwin College…I used to be a bomb” she said winking at Sonam. 

She then handed her card to Sonam and walked away. Sonam looked down at the card

Dr. Babita Kaur, Child Specialist
Sonam looked around again, the lady had left but people had overheard her talking to Sonam.They were talking and giggling about it among themselves. She gave them a disgusted look…

She then looked at Siya…she was smiling…still playing with the tiffin box.

Are you happy now? Or you still have any more tantrums to throw to embarrass your mom” she thought. 

She got down at the next station,thankful that this annoying journey had ended. 
As she got down from the train and started walking out of the station, she snatched the tiffin box out of Siya’s hand and threw it in the dustbin just outside the station.
” Stupid lady “she thought as she walked towards her in-laws place.