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The APP-solutely easy to plan your wedding

With a few months left for my wedding, cousins that are completely useless when it comes to taking up responsibility for wedding arrangements, friends who are leaving for higher studies, a fiance who is on the other side of the world, a super hectic job that ensures I don’t reach home before 10 p.m. and well the tendency to micro-manage everything has basically left me just short of pulling out my hair. 

The only thing keeping me sane at the moment is technology in the form of my smart phone and all these super user friendly app. I have favourite apps for everything whether its beauty or fitness and even one where I can make a guest list in alphabetical order ( do you see the OCD traits :p) and as always I am going to share them with you ๐Ÿ™‚

For Wedding Planning:
Wedding Countdown: I like it because of the timer in it. I wouldn’t say that it is particularly helping in any other area of wedding planning except keeping a track of time.

Wedding Plandroid: I absolutely love this app and more than anything I love how simple and fuss free it is. It has four clear sections- Tasks, Guests, Vendors and Budgets. The tasks have been divided into time buckets like more than 12 months, 12-9 months and so on. The guests section as I mentioned before ensures that your guest list is in perfect order.  The vendor sections lets you add details including contact details of all your different wedding vendors and the last section is budget is obviously to keep a track of your expensive. 

Pinterest: Whether you need an idea for your outfit or centerpiece for the tables or maybe a fun theme for your mehendi, pinterest is like your best friend. And I know pinterest has been around for a while but having the app just makes it super accessible and you can utilise all that time you have between meeting the designer and talking to the decorator to get some new ideas. 

For Beauty:

Drink Water: I stumbled upon this app when my makeup artist almost threatened me to increase my water intake because the lack of hydration was showing up on my skin. It is a pretty simple app where you can set hourly reminders so that you make it to the essential 2 liters a day mark.

YouTube: Whether you want to learn a new hairstyle, a makeup look for smaller functions, beauty hacks to keep your skin all shiny and smooth or even learn something as basic as wearing a saree, YouTube will save you the time of running behind your dadi, nani, didi or mommy. 


Blogilates: I am a pretty busy girl and on most days I don’t have time for elaborate workout sessions but Cassey Ho specialises in exercise videos that don’t take to much of your time and trust me these exercises are super effective.

10K Trainer: This app is for the brides to be who hate gym, are the outdoorsy kinds and love to run. For me personally no form of workout works better than running and I used to love to run but lost my stamina because I was being lazy. Now this app is helping me build my stamina back slowly but effectively.  

Accupedo: If you hate any form of exercise then this is the app for you. All you need to do is to download it and go for a walk. This app maps the number of steps you take and gives you a daily goal of taking 10000 steps. I like how this app gives you the tough love kind of messages to motivate you to walk and well it is the best thing for lazy days.

My Fitness Pal: This is more to keep a track of what you are eating and the basic calorie count. This app has a very vast food calorie dictionary and a very easy way to what is going inside your body.

Random Apps That Are Helpful

Period Tracker: Your periods will be last thing on your mind especially during the last few months and with all the crazy schedule your date is bound to shift so this app just helps you keep a track and do consult it before you plan your honeymoon :p.

Apps from all the shopping websites: If you are budget bride to be then download the apps for Flipkart, Jabong, Myntra and all your favourite online websites. The thing with these apps is that they have flash sales quite frequently and you can work towards building your trousseau without the running around part.

These apps may not have completely eradicated the wedding stress completely but they have helped to reduce the stress levels quite alot. Also, I am going to remind you that this is not a sponsored post and the app developers haven’t paid me a dime to write about them. I am just sharing this information because I feel it is helpful ๐Ÿ™‚

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