The Body Shop Banana Conditioner: Review

Hi everyone,
I am turning into a big TBS fan. Every time I walk into their store I come out with a big shopping bag and an almost empty wallet. I did one such haul a few weeks back and came home with this conditioner that smells absolutely divine…..maybe not to all of you but I love bananas so The Body Shop Banana Conditioner really made me go bananas.

Price: Rs. 695 for 250 ml.

The conditioner comes in a standard TBS packaging with a transparent plastic bottle and green labels describing the product, ingredients and its price. Everything about the conditioner screams banana, right from the fragrance , the color of the product and even the texture. 

It is definitely not like one of my usual creamy thick conditioners and neither do I see it coating my hair and these factors make sure that the conditioner never weight down my hair. The thing that I love about TBS is that even the price-quantity equation is a little inclined towards the price side, most products are so good that everything gets balanced out. The same applies for this product as well….a small quantity is more than enough to leave my medium length hair soft and shiny and this bottle is definitely going to last a few months.

My hair tend to get really dry and fizzy after hair wash and the only way to curb that is a good conditioner and yes TBS banana conditioner is one of those good conditioners. The strong fragrance of banana lingers for a while but goes away as soon as your hair starts drying. I have absolutely fallen in love with this conditioner…its the reason behind my “good hair days” since I have started using it.
I have no complains with this conditioner at all. Some of you might its a little pricey but well I  am more than happy to spend something extra to get more of the days when I can’t stop touching my hair because they feel soo soft and look soo pretty.
Have you tried the TBS Banana Shampoo?
Did you like it? 
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