The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter: Review

Shopping on a budget is not an easy task, especially if you visit a store like The Body Shop where you have a zillion things calling out to you. The last time I visited their store I made it a point not to look around and prevent the shop from making a gigantic hole in my wallet. I picked up the stuff I needed and headed towards the payment counter only to find basket full of cute little lip balms and lip butters and that was it…my self control vanished in the next second and I ended up adding a couple of more zeros to my bill 🙁
One of the lip butters caught my attention was The Body Shop Dragon Fruit Lip Butter…the bold color combination catches your attention the moment you look at it and one sniff and you are addicted to the fragrance. I have been using it for a while and today I am going to talk about it 🙂
Price: Rs 250 for 8.9 gms
This lip butter comes in a super cute pink tub packaging with a bright green screw on cap. As I mentioned, the packaging was the first thing that attracted me towards the lip balm….its looks soo cute that its just to hard to resist. 

The Dragon Fruit Lip Butter has a rich creamy texture. Its a little too thick so when you apply it, it takes some time to get absorbed and leaves an opaque white layer on the lips. Once it melts and gets absorbed, it has no color and gives a transparent gloss like finish. The thing that I love the most about this lip butter is the fragrance…it is this amazing combination of some kind of a floral and fruity fragrance.
The fact that it takes a while to get absorbed has its own set of pros and cons. It obviously makes the lip butter not the most ideal product to be used on its own but because it gets absorbed soo slowly, the effect also lasts longer. It keeps my lips moisturised for almost 4-5 hours and on days when my lips can give the cracked surface of Rann Of Kutch some competition…this lip  butter is one of the product I reach out for.

And here comes the Yays and Nays 🙂
  • Attractive, cute and sturdy packaging
  • It has an amazing fragrance
  • Keeps the lips moisturised for 4-5 hours
  • Easily available
  • It takes a little while to get absorbed so not an ideal product to be used on it own
Final verdict….absolutely love this lip butter. I wish it could get absorbed a little faster but then lip butters are generally a little thicker than lip balms so they usually takes a while to settle down….but then moisturising effect and the super delicious fragrance just compensates for this minor flaw.
A little trivia for you guys….have you ever wondered what is the difference between a lip balm and a lip butter? Well…Lip Balms are medicated ointment that are used to soothe skin issues. They work better for dry and chapped lips. Lip butters are similar to lip balms but they have a softer consistency. They have a better butter or oil ratio so they more moisturising, last longer but are slightly heavy than lip balms.