The Body Shop Face and Body Brush: Review

Now that I am building my brush collection from scratch as my sister dearest has decided to keep my beloved brushes for herself. During the list making of what I need to get I realised how I skipped reviewing some of my favorite essential brushes on the blog and one of the these essentials is The Body Shop Face and Body Brush which is one brush I use on a daily basis and even plan to add to my trousseau. Before I go more gaga over this brush, let us look at some of the good to know details.


Price: Rs 995

The brush has brown shaded synthetic hair that are attached to half metallic and half plastic body. This is definitely the biggest brush in my vanity but I love the shape and despite the big length it is definitely one of the most user-friendly brushes I have used. The long handle gives a really good grip and a lot of control.



The Body Shop Face & Body Brush felt a little pokey initially but I know that makeup brushes need to be washed brushes before the first use ( if you didn’t know well then it is a beauty tip for you 😀 ) and that’s what I did which turned the brush bristles from pokey to smooth and soft. The shape of the brush is a little rounded and I wouldn’t say it is really wide but it is wide enough to cover a large part of your face if you want to use it as a powder blush.


The brush is really dense however it is not stiff so it moves along your face very comfortably. I use this brush mostly as a powder blush. I even use it for my under eye area and apply loose powder there without any irritation to my eyes thanks to the soft texture. I have also used it a couple of times to apply blush as well when I forgot to carry my blush brush and it did do a pretty good job. I have used to brush my arms and legs with body glitter and well it definitely made intended area shiny without the hassle of getting glitter on my hands and face.



The thing I love the most about this brush is the quality. I have had this brush for almost 2 years now ( yes and still did not review it…**takes a bow for being a very careless blogger**) and it hasn’t shed a hair. I was a little unsure when I bought it because it was such an expensive brush but I am so glad I bought it at that time because it was worth every penny I spent.  The only extra effort that this brush asks for is a little more attention when I clean it. As the brush is a little dense, I have to clean it thoroughly and give a little more time to dry than my other brushes.

I have always been a fan of The Body Shop products and I have to say this brush has made me fall in love with brand even more. I don’t think my vanity will be ever complete without this piece of makeup accessory and if you are looking for a good powder or blush brush, consider this. It might feel a little expensive initially but you will sorted for a very long time and it is definitely one product I would on my highly recommended list 🙂