The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner: Review

Last year, all I did was get people married. I am not kidding you, my life turned into this big fat Indian wedding for the last quarter of 2018. A huge part of all the wedding preps were getting the bridal makeup/sincare trousseau sorted. What usually ended up happening when I used to take the brides-to-be to these mall trips was that I ended up buying alot of stuff for myself.

One such bank breaking trip was to The Body Shop store and I got soo much new stuff. I also for the first time in years, switched my toner from my trusted tea tree to The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner. Buying this was a discussion. I have been a loyal tea tree toner girl but the shop assistant really sold this one to me so I wanted to see if she was right. Lets see if it was a good decision to switch.

The Body Shop Seaweed Oil Balancing Toner

Price: Rs 995 for 250 ml


The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner comes in a lightweight, clear, plastic bottle with a flip-top cap. The cap shuts well so there is no leakage and you don’t have to be worried about any accidents while travelling. The cap has a small opening to access the product but controlling the amount of product that comes out is a bit of a challenge. What I love the most about the packaging is the transparent bottle so I know how much product is left.

The Body Shop Seaweed Toner

Texture & Product

The toner is blue translucent liquid and pretty much feels like water. The consistency is light and runny, and with the dispenser, you might end up getting a bit more than you need. I think seaweed and I imagine a fishy smell but this product has a very pleasant fragrance.The toner smells really fresh and floral. It’s not too strong so if you are bothered by strong fragrances, this is not going to be a problem.

Seaweed Toner Packaging

My Experience

This seaweed toner is curated for oil control which is basically the point the SA kept insisting on. She claimed that it has better results as it is more suitable for normal parts of the combination skin as well. I never thought I would say this but yes, after using it for two months, I agree that the SA was right.

The tea tree variant has been my HG toner for years as it kept acne at bay but this definitely works better for the normal part of my skin. I usually ended up getting dry patches when the weather used to change on my cheeks and jaw line but that has stopped happening since I switched.I also got the results I want from a toner for my oily t-zone.

Seaweed is a very common ingredient in Korean skincare which has created quite stir in the skin care industry in India. But I have not seen a lot of seaweed based products in other brands so I was hesitant in switching to this variant. Thankfully, I did and ended up finding something that worked better for my skin.

Seaweed Toner

Final Verdict

I for one don’t usually go for SA recommendations because of the horrible experiences I have had with them in the past but I am so glad I decided to listen to this particular SA. My skin is so much better after I included this toner in my routine. I would definitely recommend this for someone with an oily combination.

Have you used the The Body Shop Seaweed Clarifying Toner:?

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