The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter : Review

A few weeks back…my absolutely favourite brand when it comes skin care a.k.a The Body Shop sent me a big hamper that had some amazing  products in it. One of the things that I was pretty excited about was the Strawberry Body Butter that came in the hamper. I absolutely love fruity fragrances and this my friend has been one of most delicious smelling products I have ever used. Is the fragrance the only good thing about it? Did I like the body butter? Well read on to find out 🙂

Price: Rs 995 for 200 ml

The TBS Strawberry Body Butter comes in a round red plastic tub with a screw-on lid. The packaging is quite sturdy but I hate how bulky it is. Also, I am not a big fan of the tub packaging because of hygiene issues but then again body butters are too thick to be put in a tube.

Ok…so the fragrance of this product definitely deserves a special mention. This body butter has a very strong sweet strawberry fragrance that reminds me of this strawberry plantation I visited when I was in my teens and I almost feel like licking the product when I open the lid. I would definitely not recommend it to people who don’t like strong scents because not only does is the fragrance a little strong but it also lingers for a few hours.
I was pretty surprised when I found a body butter in a summer special hamper but its when I used the product that I understood why TBS had included it. Unlike most body butters I have used, the consistency of this one is not thick at all. Its pretty light and fluffy in texture, so it spreads easily and gets absorbed in a few seconds leaving the skin hydrated without making it greasy.  

I am absolutely sorted for the whole day when I apply this product. It keeps my skin hydrated for almost 6-7 hours however if you have extremely dry skin, you might need to reapply it after 3-4 hours.
Another great thing about this body butter and most TBS products is that even though they cost a bomb and the quantity that comes seems tiny, the products are usually so good that a small quantity goes a long way and well its the case here as well. I have been using this product for more than a month now but I still have enough to last me 5-6 more weeks.  
All in all, its a great product :). I love the fragrance, I love the texture, I love how hydrated my skin feels after application and how I smell like fresh strawberries the whole day. This product completely changed the myth that I had in mind about body butters and summers being a disastrous combination. I would totally recommend this one to you!!

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