The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner: Review

Hey everyone
How is middle of the week treating you?
So today I am going to review one of my favorite toners. I have a very moody and oily skin that is also acne prone so toner is like my best friend. I have also heard how good tea tree oil is good for oily skin so the last time I visited The Body Shop I finally decided to try it.
Price: Rs. 795 for 250 ml
The toner comes in plastic bottle and with a green and black color scheme.  It has flip top cap which requires a little effort to open so you can easily carry it around. The bottle is covered with labels taking about the ingredients, method of application and other details.
The toner has two layers. The top layer is a clear green liquid while the bottom layer is of white color. The instructions clearly mention that to activate the toner, you have to shake the bottle properly. When you do that you get a cloudy green liquid.
The toner has a pungent smell that is a definitely a little strong and does linger for a while. So if you are sensitive to strong fragrances than you should consider checking out the fragrance at the counter first.
Now if I talk about how it works for my skin…well I am definitely all praises for this one as it definitely is one of the best toner I have tried for my oily skin. The toner leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and gives oil control that tends to stay. It also helps in clearing and controlling zits and acne on the skin. I have used it on numerous occasions when I can see a zit developing and after using it i can see it subsiding and drying.
One thing that you should keep in mind while using it is that in the initial days, the skin feels  slight tingling sensation. But this subsides as the skin gets used to the product. 
The 250 ml lasts a while as only small quantity is sufficient for the whole face and neck. I just take 3-4 drops and that is it. I have been using it for almost two months now and I still haven’t gone around finishing even 20% of the bottle.
Lets quickly go through the Yay- Nay list
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Gives superb oil control
  • Prevents and controls acne and pimples 
  • The 250 ml quantity will last for a while
  • No animal testing 🙂
  • The fragrance might be a little strong for some people
  • Not meant for dry skin
  • Its a little pricey
Final verdict….I love this toner. It leaves my skin so fresh and the oil control factor is amazing. I had my doubts initially because of the tingling sensation but I am so glad I did not stop using it at that point of time because after around a week of usage I saw its effect on my skin. So you have an oily and acne prone skin, I would advice you to give it a shot.
Have you tried TBS tea tree toner?