The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub: Review

Whenever I feel like indulging in any kind of skin care product, I know the first stop I need to make is at a TBS outlet. The last visit was just before the wedding and I wanted to pick up my usual toner and night cream for the makeup and skin care trousseau. But as soon as I entered the store,  bright green colored section caught my attention and as soon as I took a whiff of one of The Body Shop Virgin Mojito range…I just knew I had to get atleast one product out of it. The product I chose was the body scrub because something I use very often during the winters.


Price: Rs 1295 for 250 ml

The Body Shop Virgin Mojito Body Scrub comes in a transparent plastic tub packaging with a screw on cap. I love everything about the packaging except the tub shape. Overall, it is travel friendly, sturdy and the good quality packaging ensures there are no accidents.



The scrub is a gel base scrub with tiny white and green granules that exfoliate the skin. The fragrance of the product is the best thing about it. The combination of the lime-mint fragrance instantly reminds you of an evening at the bar sipping your mojito,having a good time.  I am a little sad that the fragrance doesn’t last as long as I would have liked it to but it does freshen up my mood as soon as I open the jar and I don’t feel like leaving my bathroom because it smells like lemons.



The scrub is pretty mild in terms of the scrubbing action so you can use it daily if you have a serious dry skin problem. I use it every 2 days in the winters and it leaves my skin very clean and soft. I haven’t experienced any kind of excessive dryness or any weird greasiness after I have used it. Unlike other body scrubs that I have used, I like how it lathers up a little because that is how my bath products to be a little bubbly if that even made sense :p.



Overall, the product turned out to be a great buy. I love the bright color but more than that I love the fragrance because it reminds me of evening by the bar on a summer evening and I think I am going to love it equally in the summers as well with all its minty and zingy freshness. In terms of exfoliation, it is a good addition to my skin care and is mild enough to be used on a daily basis. It does what it claims and leaves your skin feeling cleansed and mositurised and well your bathroom smelling like a cocktail drink is definitely an added advantage. The only downside I see is that the product might prove to a little too much in case you are not into citrusy notes or have an excessive sensitivity to strong fragrances. I love my citruses and love the fragrances so I am going to enjoy the minty freshness till the tub lasts 🙂