The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream: Review

I have not really made a lot of change in my skin care routine in terms of my night cream because I was quite happy with the product I was using…then as usual I got bored and decided I needed to try something new so I went straight to a body shop outlet because that is kind of my go to brand for heavy-duty skin care products and picked up the much acclaimed TBS Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream.


Price: Rs. 1195 for 50 ml.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream comes in a pink colored plastic tub packaging with a screw on lid. I have pretty vocal on the blog about how I absolutely hate tub packaging and well I am going to do that again. I honestly don’t understand why companies even have tub packaging atleast for products us ladies. I mean hygiene is definitely a big issue and the most of us maintain long nails so getting the product out of them after you have dipped your finger in the product is another task not to mention such wastage of product. Anyhow minus my anti tub packaging rant, the overall packaging is pretty sturdy and travel friendly.


The product has is a pale pink cream with a very thick texture. It also this mild and pleasant floral fragrance which  is really subtle so I quite like it. The consistency is definitely on the heavier side but it spreads on the skin without much effort. The only downside of the consistency is that you do have to work with the cream a bit to help it get absorbed in the skin.



Unfortunately even though I loved the product for like a day, I experienced major breakouts in my t-zone after a few days. It is working well for the normal parts of my face where I was experiencing a bit of flakiness before I started using this cream however it is definitely not meant for the combination skin type. As usual, whenever anything that doesn’t work for my skin I find someone around with a different skin type to test it and my favorite guinea pig are always my mom who has a normal skin and sister who has dry combination skin. While my mom found it to be alright in winters but is pretty sure that it will prove to be a little heavy during hotter months, sister dearest absolutely loved the product and swears by it now.



All in all, everything is great about the product except the fact that it is not meant for oily or oily combination skin. It is a good winter skin care option for normal skin and a great option for someone who has dry combination or flaky dry kind of skin.