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The Immortals Of Meluha: Book Review

Hey people,
As I am reading more and more books because of the Indian Quills Challenge I am realizing how stupid I was to ignore some of the book that I have come across now. One such book is The Immortals of Meluha. I know it was released a while back and created quite a stir but I refrained from picking it up thinking it might be a boring read. I received this book as a gift from a friend who had read both the books from this series and insisted that I read it which I am glad that she did.
Amish Tripathi’s The Immortal of Meluha is a story of Shiva, a tribal warrior who shifts to Meluha with his tribe to Meluha to avoid further conflicts with other tribes of his region. The meluhan’s on the other hand have their own agenda to take in his tribe. As the story proceeds  you discover what the agenda is and why do the Meluhan’s need Shiva.
The author has clearly put in a lot of effort in doing research in mythology and history. The result is a story that is a mix of mythology, history, philosophy, science and fiction.  The narration is another big highlight of the book as Amish has kept in mind the fact that today’s audience might not be able to relate to the conventional description of Shiva and the character’s associated with him and thus he very skillfully makes sure that he maintains the pace and the narration very simple and to the point. Also he brings out the character of Shiv in a way that highlights the qualities with Shiv the god while bringing in facts that show how he is just another human being.
Though I would definitely like to highlight that in now way does the author claim that he is trying to retell a mythological story related to Shiva the god ( unlike the previous book that I read which was clearly a different ball game all together) so pick up the book and read it like you would have read any other work of fiction. There are some places where reference to mythology is very strong but that is a part of the story and the complete book.
My final verdict about the book is that you really need to read this one. I can assure you will not be able to put it down and the fact that the book ends at a note that makes sure that you read the next one is pure brilliance.
So go on grab a copy and don’t forget to tell me about your reading experience.
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P.S. As I have already mentioned I am reading books by Indian authors these days. I would love it if you guys find the time to share the names of any good books that you guys have read or are reading.