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The Karachi Deception: Book Review

Hello everyone 🙂
So I am back with a book review after what seems like a while. Today I am reviewing Shatrujeet Nath’s The Karachi Deception. I love reading spy thrillers and that’s the only thought I had in mind when I picked up this book. Was it disappointing or did it turn out to be an interesting read….read on to find out 🙂

The Karachi Deception revolves around Project Abhimanyu – an audacious plot hatched by the RAW and the Indian Army intelligence to assassinate Mumbai’s dreaded underworld don Irshad Dilawar, who’s hiding in Pakistan and assisting the ISI in its proxy war against India.
Major Imtiaz Ahmed is picked to lead the special ops mission deep inside Pakistan – but the ISI and Dilawar are several steps ahead of the Indians. Beaten at every turn, Major Imtiaz is faced with the horrifying realisation that Project Abhimanyu has been compromised…and his men are being lured into a deadly trap.
When it comes to thrillers, the most important thing for me apart from the story is the pace of the story. Thankfully, the author has kept this in mind and thus the pace of the book is fast enough to ensure that all details are covered while keeping the readers engaged in the story. Kudos to the author for the strong story line and the narration. At no point of time did I feel bored or disconnected to the story.  It is basically one of the few books that I have read that are balanced in every aspect and that’s what makes this book a very good read.
I do wish the author had worked a little better with the characters.Its all the more surprising for me that the character development is so weak because you can easily see that he has done alot of research about each of the locations and you can imagine that particular place but I cannot say the same for the characters.
The only reason you should not pick up this book is if you are not into the thriller genre. This is one book that I definitely recommend you guys to read. The story has so many twist and turns that it will keep you entertained till the end.
I will give this book 8.5/10… point deducted just because I feel he could have done a much better job with the characters.