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The Krishna Key: Book Review

Hey everybody,
So today I am going to review Ashwin Sanghi’s The Krishna Key.This is not the first book written by Ashwin that I am reading. I came across Rozabel Line last year and was totally floored by his narration and the in depth research that he had presented skillfully weaving it within the story. The next in line was Chanakya’s Chant, which was another great read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
So when I picked up The Krishna Key a few days back, you can imagine the kind of expectation I had from it. Not that I was completely dissapointed but yes I was not as happy with it as I was with the other novels written by the author.
The Author, Ashwin Sanghi is one of the well known writers in the Indian literary scene, an entrepreneur by profession, he published his first book under the pseudonym Shawn Haigins. His first release, The Rozabel Line became very successful in a very short period of time. As I have already mentioned, his books are characterized by extensive research, and they’re fast paced political or historical thrillers  and a lot of anagrams(just like his pseudonym),word puzzles, coding and decoding of letters.
Coming back to the book, its written in the la Sangi fashion, throught the book,we move back and forth in time. The author has used Krishna and Mahabharat as the background. particularly the final avatar of Krishna- the Kalki Avatar.The protagonist-Dr Ravi Mohan Saini,is a star professor at St. Stephen’s college who finds himself in rather difficult situation after his friend Anil Varshney is murdered.
The pace of the story keeps you hooked, also there is bunch of  diverse information and details that keeps things interesting throughout the book. The major issue that I had with the book was that the characterization was a little weak. You don’t really feel for the protagonist who is in such deep situation. Also Dr. Saini is supposed to be on a journey to discover a very important part of history but it seems like he already knows everything and is just waiting for others to ask the right questions.
Krishna Key is no doubt an good read. Ashwin’s narration will hold your interest right until the last page of the book.The way the final loose edges of the plot have been brought together into a thrilling conclusion is commendable. The book also has pictures that have been provided to help the reader get a better perspective as to what all is going on.Even though you might get a feeling of deja-vu( I am particularly talking to Dan Brown readers) ,don’t dismiss this book thinking of it as a mere copy.Its definitely worth a read.
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