The New Colors Of My Life

Some of you might be wondering why did you land up on a  different website when you tried to reach Colors Of My Life….well you are in the right place…it’s just that we have moved. I had wanted to move to WordPress for a while now simply because working with blogger is a little cumbersome and all those HTML codes used to drive me crazy.Though I have to say moving was a challenge on its own but we have finally settled down so here you have COML 2.0.

The new address is pretty short and sweet- coml13.com…easy to remember…right 🙂  So go around and take a look and let me know what you like or don’t like about the website. I  utilized this impromptu break to fill up my draft folder so be ready for regular posts from tomorrow. Also I have a giveaway planned for you that will go live on Monday so stay tuned :).