The Perfect Moisturizer

If you have a combination skin like mine you would understand how difficult it is to find the perfect moisturizer for this confused skin type (common dude…make up your mind..oily or dry πŸ˜› )
The ones that don’t make the t-zone oily aren’t moisturizing enough for the dry areas of the face…the ones that moisturize the dry areas…make your t-zone an oil factory πŸ™ . And then there is the weather change…specially in Delhi…where every season is extreme..whether its scorching sweaty summers…horribly humid monsoon or the super chilly ‘ I-Don’t-Want-To-Get-Out-Of-My-Quilt’ winters.

I have tried a lot of different brands and types…some have been good…some have been total disasters…before I finally stumbled upon the perfect one. So I decided to share my experience with all the different brands I tried

My journey to find the perfect moisturizer began with a brand that is a household name in India..JOHNSON’S Baby Cream…it was suggested by my mom….
It comes in a little pink bottle and has a very sweet fragrance. It has a runny consistency so you need to be careful when you use it,it’s easily available and is mild on the skin, gets absorbed immediately and never caused any breakouts on my skin πŸ™‚

I still use it often when nothing else seems to work on my skin..specially during the monsoons when my skin has a tendency to act up and break out often.The only problem- it doesn’t work for me in winters πŸ™ .

Next I moved on to Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturiser.
It had the perfect consistency, sturdy packaging, great fragrance, moisturized my face the right way, did not make my t-zone oily, and it was so affordable.
But after a couple of days…my skin started breaking out. As I had tried this product in winters when my skin usually behaves itself and this was the only product that I had changed in my CTM regime…I knew it was the culprit :(.

Lotus Herbals Alphamoist Alpha Hydroxyl Skin Renewal Oil-Free Moisturizer was suggested by a friend of mine…she swears by this brand and this moisturizer.I used it during winters on days when I felt that my skin felt too dry and after also Holi…when all the colors and chemical had left my skin dry and flaky.It is quite affordable, has great consistency, the packaging is amazing…I love the pump bottle.

But even though it claims to be oil free it proved to be very oily for my skin when summers arrived. So again good bye Lotus Herbal πŸ™

And now for the product that finally worked for me….

This was suggested on the style craze community and though I was a bit apprehensive and not too hopeful about this product. But I am so glad that I purchased it.
This is by far the best moisturizer that I have come across so far…I just can’t stop raving about it… πŸ˜€
It comes in a pump bottle, so its non- messy, the consistency is not too thick and not too runny…has no fragrance…easily available…doesn’t break out my skin, doesn’t make my t-zone oily, moisturizes my skin and keeps it moisturized all day long..so in one word…its PERFECT πŸ˜€ !!!!!

Images courtesy: Google