The Perfect Road Trip

This weekend I decided to go on a “safae- abhiyan” (cleaning spree :P) of my closet. While I was at it,I stumbled across these old photographs of me and some of my neighbors and friends. Growing up, my neighbors were like an extended family and so every time we had a long weekend or the vacation we used to plan trips and these photographs had all those good times captured in them.

While we had our share of train and bus trips…we kids used to love road trips…..travelling with 4 kids in a public transport meant getting not-so friendly looks from people every now and then :P.  On the contrary a road trip meant, we could shout all we want, sing all we want, eat wherever we want, and obviously change plans if we want. All this freedom made the trip so much more fun and exciting.

If I have to choose among all the road trips I went on for the one that I had the most fun in would be the  amazing trip was to Kasauli…….what made this trip special was that this was the first trip in our brand new Maruti 800 and because we had planned alot of exciting pit stops in between.
We stopped at Kurukshetra…where the aquaphobic me was dragged into the Brahma Sarovar by my friends…the we stopped at Chandigarh….where we did a lot of shopping ….followed by a very delicious late lunch at the famous Pal Dhaba. 

We also visited the Rock Garden where me and my dad  being the art and craft enthusiast in the family, had a great time looking at the amazing work of Nek Chand. This was followed by a quick duck feeding session at the Sukhna lake.

The part of the trip that we were really looking forward to was staying at the Timber Trail resort at Parwanoo. The main complex where the cars were parked was joined to the actual hotel using a cable car (ropeway). 
You can imagine the how excited we kids must be at the sight of a cable car and also the view from the cable and the hotel itself was breath taking. 

We reached Kasauli the next day…once we reached there, we did a quick tour of the city…I remembering shouting my lungs out at the sight of a zillion monkeys at the Monkey Hill. We also visited Shimla the next day before finally driving down to Delhi

Even though we visited like a zillion places on this trip, the things that I remember most fondly are the endless hours I sent cramped in the back seat of that tiny white maruti with my friends and sister…that how every time a lost game of antakshari was followed by endless teasing, how the car would smell of aloo-parantha’s for hours because we decided to eat in the car, the constant fighting and bickering for leg space and then looking for the culprit when you suddenly have this really foul smell in the car….followed by a quick exercise of rolling down the windows :p

If you ask me for my idea of a perfect trip…well it would be a trip similar to the one we had to Kasauli. A trip with loads of exciting places to visit while we drive down to the destination, with my friends and sister who are now busy with there lives in different parts of the country and the aaloo parantha’s and the antakshari and arguments. The only change addition I would make to my idea of a perfect road trip would be placing a bottle Ambi Pur “Vanilla Bouquet” fragrance in my car….you see “some habits” of “some people” never change…so I rather enjoy the vanilla fragrance rather than roll down the windows every hour or so 😛
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