The Top 10 Things That You Will Be Wearing In 2019

Last year was great. We saw many fashion trends like the crop tops, jumpsuits, matching jackets with matching skirts, and more. Plus polka dot was also in the trend. Having said, thank God winter is finally over! Now, it’s time to gracefully welcome the upcoming summer days and get ready for new fashion tips and apparels that all the ladies must wear.

You don’t really have to be in a fashion industry to know what’s in and what’s out. You can learn a lot from our Bollywood Divas about latest fashion trends and us of course! After all, we are going to tell you about the 10 things that you must wear in 2019 summers! Still wondering, what’s 2019 summers is going to be? Then read on and check it out.

The beautiful Oversized Hats

What you thought hats are so 2018? Well, you are so wrong, dear ladies. Oversized hats are a staple for 2019 summers. They will replace your umbrella for all the good reasons. Hats are stylish, but oversized hats are extremely tempting. The best part about these hats are, they go with every dress, mini dress, and shorts. Wear a good SPF sunscreen lotion all over your body, including your face and get ready.

Let’s spice it up with sensible shorts

Thank God the cycling shorts trend is over. 2019 is all about sensible and loose shorts. They will not be skin tight and will be extremely comfortable to wear. They are tailored, micro, and will be knee-length. This has to be your 2019 must have for the upcoming summer. Check them out at Max Fashion online store and avail max fashion coupons to buy them today! Shop trendy, shop smart.

Light fabric flowing dress

Summer is to stay comfortable. You need to have a collection of dress which will flow with the wind, letting you feel extremely comfortable no matter where you are. Choose a light fabric dress which will keep you cool and let the dress flow. Move easy with them and walk freely. You can make the light fabric flowing dress your go to dress. Skip jeans for 2019 summers. Let there be sunshine and let there be light fabric dresses.

One shoulder top

Well, the one shoulder top is definitely from the 2018, but this is a style which continues even today. Ladies can’t get enough of it. They had purchased it last year, so obviously they have got to wear it this year too! So, there you go. Saved! Wear the one shoulder top in the upcoming summer days. Just a tip, choose a single tone one shoulder top and wear a convertible bra to hide the bra strap.

Let your feet breathe- Wear fancy flats

Who said that the flats are boring? If you are under the same perception, then darling you have been reading the wrong blogs and following wrong channels. The truth is flats are for everyone, they are super classic, they are in trend, and they are so comfortable to wear. Its summer ladies you have got to let your feet breathe.

Go Fringing

Still unsure about this style, then check all the latest magazines. Fashion designers have already started launching their new fashion attires with lots of fringe. Summer jackets, cool tops, or skirts, everything has fringes on them. Upgrade your wardrobe and fill it up with trendy fringing tops, skirts, and cool summer jackets. Remember last year’s cowboy boots with fringes, well, the fringes continued, but not on boots, on tops and skirts. Have you checked out the latest fashion apparels on stalkbuylove yet? No? Then go and check out their site today and use stalkbuylove coupons to buy them.

Neon is the 2019 summer colour

Now, Neon is not the colour for the fainted heart, but if you are a true fashion is it, then you will not make any excuses for trying some latest and upbeat Neon tops. We are not asking you to cover yourself in neon from head to toe, all we are asking you to do is change your casual look sometimes and wear a neon top! Simple. You have got neon pink and neon green. These two colours can never go wrong. Try them.

Adorable puffed shoulders

These puffed shoulder dresses don’t contain any pads, rather they are just puffed to make you look cute and adorable. The best dress to pick with puffed shoulders will be with a low square neck. Keep the color choice subtle. Pick floral prints on light colors like light blue, off-white, light green, and every color that is lighter in shade. Let’s not stick with only a color or two!


Baggy bottoms- For the extremely hot days

Skip those skinny jeans please and embrace a baggy bottom. Skinny jeans are tight and they don’t let your skin breathe too. Loose-fit denim joggers is all your legs need. Wear them anywhere and everywhere.

T-shirt dress with prints

The last must have for the 2019 summer is the striped or printed T-shirt dress. They scream freedom. They are so comfortable! Put on some cool sunglasses and show off your cool summer look.

There you go the ten must have summer apparels! Make sure to have them all and remember you are worth it!