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Theos Patisserie & Chocolatier @ Sector-41, Noida

In Greek, the word Theo means “Gift Of Gods” and I guess that’s what most people around Noida feel about Theos Patisserie & Chocolatier. My friend N, who happens to be a Noida resident ate my ear off about this place for around 6 months vouching that its “the” place for a dessert lover like me however the location of the patisserie always deterred me from visiting it.  Finally after what me and N like to call a dessert emergency, we landed up in Theos and well as they say rest is history. 

Theos  is located in Sector 41 in Noida. They have a beautiful interior with stunning paintings on the wall and glazed wooden tables and chairs. They have two sections, a confectionery section that greets you with tempting desserts along with some delicious savory options and a small dining section that can easily accommodate 30 people at a go. 

Now even though this place offers a pretty decent Lebanese and Italian menu, itโ€™s their confectionery section that draws the crowd. I was left soo confused the first time I visited them because of the sheer number options available and well the fact that everything looks amazing just doesn’t help.

After a multiple rounds of sheer dessert bliss here is my list of recommendations

Belgium Milk Chocolate Pastry
Brownie Sunday Glass
Tart Du Ganache
Chocolate Mud Cake
Fruit n Nut Custard
Caramel Custard

Some of my favorites from Theos ๐Ÿ™‚
L-R: Tart Du Ganache, Fruit and Nut Custard, Chocolate Mud Cake, Caramel Custard

While I love the interiors I  am definitely not a fan of the location and to be honest I never understood why a place that offers such an ambience would choose such a hopeless location. Parking is a nightmare , the whole area stinks and I wouldn’t recommend moving around in the area in the evening in case you are alone.

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