Things I Love About Winter

Hello everybody,
People hate coming to work on Mondays, I do too, but I hate going to office on Fridays more
Maybe its the laziness of the approaching weekend that creeps in and makes me feel all lazy and tired.
But today was a good Friday, no work, boss on leave and amazing weather. Talking of weather, its almost December and winter is finally here. Winter is like my favorite season, I hate summers because of all the heat ( and the people in the public transport who sweat like pigs but still leave their deodorants at home ), I hate monsoon even more ( because of the humidity that play havoc with my hair and skin ) but winters to me means lots and lots of hot chocolate,  cakes, parties and fun.
So I utilized all the free time I had today to share with you guys everything that I love abut this amazing season with some help from Pinterest πŸ˜€

So what do you love about winters?
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