This ‘World Interiors Day’, Asian Paints Colour Store Offers Movies-Inspired Ideas For Homes

Last weekend, on the occasion of ‘World Interiors Day’, Asian Paints’ signature store, Colour Store decided to hold a a unique movies-inspired workshop on interiors for consumers. The Colour Store in Connaught Place, Delhi was set up by Asian Paints last year with the aim of educating consumers and interior décor enthusiasts on colours and designs and how it can change their space. Keeping up with the motive behind opening the store, this year they decided to invited renowned film production designer, Shruti Gupte to host an exclusive workshop on how to draw inspiration from homes and office spaces designed in popular films.


Centred on the theme ‘Intelligent & Inspirational Interiors, from Silver Screens to Your Home’, this Colour Store initiative offered an interesting insight into simple ways that can help in taking the look and feel of interiors that we fall in love with, admire and aspire for, from our favorite films to our homes.


Having designed homes and interior spaces in films such as ‘Aisha’, ‘Taare Zamin Par’, ‘Khoobsurat’, ‘Lunch Box’ and others, Shruti possesses a deep understanding of the style and sensibilities of the modern-day consumers and to be honest I don’t think any one else could have hosted the workshop better than her. Through examples of her films, she covered various aspects from designing homes of characters in movies, to tips on how consumers can use designs seen in movies as an inspiration while decorating their homes. She explained how personalities of a character is translated to the interiors of a set and how a similar inspration can be derived from our own likes/dislikes to decorate our homes.


Speaking at the workshop, production designer Shruti Gupte shared, “We as consumers need to make ourselves the heroes and heroines of our own movie scripts. Colors and textures are not to be feared but embraced as part of our personality. Our personal and professional environments are an extension of our personality and should inspire our days, help create memories or convey our aspirations. If the movies take inspiration from our reality, then why shouldn’t we allow those reel-ties to become our reality? It’s a simple decision to step out of our comfort zone and experiment. Especially these days, when Asian Paints Color Store allows us to realize our dreams before we choose to make it permanent.”



The store has alot of these workshops where they share insights on how to choose the right colour, offer first hand experience through interesting DIY activities and engage consumers on painting and décor the Colour Store. So for those who are always looking for new ideas to do up their personal spaces with all that’s in vogue and colorful, these workshop at Asian Paints’ Colour Store, CP can prove to be inspirational and experiential in equal measure. I wish I knew about these workshops when I was redecorating my new home but I did take some notes during this workshop and will definitely put them to use the next time. If you are interested in any of the future workshops you can connect with the store manager and register yourself.