Top 3 Types of Concealers from Clamy Cosmetics

The concealer has been an important tool for us in our daily makeup routine for a long time now. There are a number of brands and different types of concealers available in the market today. You need to choose the best as per your requirements. Here I am going to talk about 3 best concealers you could get from Clamy Cosmetics: Liquid Concealer, 5 Color Concealer & Concealer Stick

Liquid Concealer

Clamy liquid Concealer is a high coverage concealer that benefits the look by covering the darkness under eyes. At times, our skin tends to get red spots which can be covered by liquid concealer with a perfect finish. The brush is also soft enough to slide smoothly. The concealer is an easy travel bag material. This is available in 3 different shades being Gold Sand, Sand Beige and Soft Sand. Liquid Concealer also excels in providing a radiant glow and perfect undertone finish covering the fine lines.

5 Color Concealer

One of my most preferred concealer set is 5 Color Concealer. It has 5 different shades from light skin to dark brown. Makeup lovers prefer this without thinking of the color tone of the skin. I prefer this to be the only concealer if required in a group or special events. Makeup artists and experts also prefer 5 color concealer for events and occasions. You could even create a different tone by combining two or more tones together. Also, the creamy finish works in covering the wrinkles with even better creasing in lines.

Concealer Stick

This is also a travel-friendly concealer. Concealer sticks from Clamy is a specially formulated type concealer which works for every skin type which makes it highly preferable. As we apply it the saturation in the cream avoids being cakey on the skin. There are 4 different shades available in which you could map your preference. Warm Beige, Light Beige, Fair and Maple are the 4 colors. This could be a perfect choice if you work and get minimum time for touch-ups. You can apply easily with dots on your skin blending with a finger or brush all around the skin covering the imperfections to provide you with the best look. The stick’s smooth movement covers the crow’s feet like no other concealer.


These are my selection of Clamy Concealers from different perspectives. Being new editions these 3 could go with every skin type which highlights them even more. Do comment about your favorite and keep following our blog for more such awesome content.

Have you used the Clamy Concealers?

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