Travel Diaries: Krabi, Thailand

I always wanted to travel as much as I can and now that I am married to a guy whose job profile is kind of all about travelling around the world, I have the perfect excuse. The downside of hubby’s very exciting job is that we had a tough time zeroing on the place we wanted to visit because he had been to most places I wanted to go to. After a lot of to and fro, loads of arguments and endless hour on the internet, we finally decided to visit Krabi for our first vacation together.

There are no direct fights from India to Krabi so we took a flight from Delhi to Bangkok and then a domestic flight from Bangkok to Krabi. The flight to Bangkok was around 4 hours and then an hour to reach Krabi from there.  We hadn’t booked any transfers from the airport to our hotel because you can get a nice taxi from the airport for 600 baht and if you book a car before or with the hotel, they charge you the same or a little more so that obviously made no sense.

Even though we decided to stay in Ao Nang which is the main tourist are and easily the busiest place in Krabi as we did not want waste time or money on travelling around town arranging additional transfers. Having said that,  we were clear that we wanted some amount of privacy and something away from hustle bustle so we booked the Phu Petra Resort. We booked the mountain facing villa with them that was surrounded by an artificial jungle maintained by the resort. I am glad we booked this resort because I just loved how my mornings began with having my tea sitting at the porch of my villa in my comfortable arm-chair just looking around at the beautiful view.


Now most websites would suggest you to go on the 4 island tour (Phra Nang Cave Beach, Chicken Island, Tup Island, Poda Island) and the Phi-Phi Island tour (Maya Bay, Loh Samah Bay, Phi Phi Don, Bamboo Island) but if you aren’t a fan of crowded beaches then I would suggest you to skip these. We did take the Phi Phi island speed boat tour on the second day of our stay but the only highlight of the day long trip was walking around the beautiful beach of Maya Bay and snorkelling in the clear water of Loh Samah Bay. The rest of the tour was filled with rowdy drunk co-travellers, really sad lunch buffet and no time to explore the remaining islands. If at all you want to visit these islands, I would suggest taking a private boat or atleast the long boats that accommodate smaller groups instead of these tours that typically have 30 tourists in one trip.





It was the next day of our disastrous experience with the tour that we discovered the best way to see the beautiful city of Krabi and that was on bikes or scooties. There are a couple of agencies in the Ao Nang market that offer you scooties on rent for as low as 100 baht.


The roads around Krabi are pretty safe and you have directions around important junctions to help you reach your destination. Krabi itself is a very tourist friendly place so even if we found ourself stranded unable to decide which way to go, we always found somebody who was ready to help. Apart from exploring Ao Nang, you can easily the following places in Krabi on a bike/ scooty:

  • Klong Muang Beach: One of the hidden gems of Krabi. It is one of the most beautiful beaches, not crowded at all and the perfect spot to spend a chill afternoon by the beach reading and maybe a little bit of swimming if you like.
  • Wat Kaew Temple: Wat Kaewkorawaram or Wat Kaew is a Buddhist temple in the Krabi Town area. It is not as famous and big as the Tiger Cave Temple of Krabi but it is definitely worth a visit. It has this beautiful entrance with these huge golden dragon on the stairs. The stairs take you to a large white temple complex and inside it is a big golden Buddha statue in a beautiful blue room with some really fascinating paintings.







  • Fossil Shell Beach: Another nice beach around Krabi but don’t waste money on the entrance fee to look at the fossilized shells because it just leads to this lake kind of location with a stack of fossils for you to look at. The beach has this beautiful stairway that goes down to a sitting area where you can spend some time relaxing with some sea breeze and the view of a gorgeous blue sea.








  • Krabi Town Night Market: Krabi Town has this famous night market on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is a decent market where you can shop for local stuff and have some really delicious street food. You can go there on your bike but I would suggest doing that only if you are going with a group of friends and the weather is favourable. I say this because we decided to take our bike to the night market on a rainy day and even though the route to Krabi Town from Ao Nang has good roads, it has some really lonely stretches which are not lit properly. So in case it’s just you or two of you, take the mini van/taxi from Ao Nang market to the town and back for which I think they charge around 200-250 baht per person.




Even though we did not really have a very nice experience on our first tour, the concierge at our resort suggested us to take the Tiger Cave tour which includes a trip to the famous Tiger Cave Temple , Krabi Hot Spring,  Emerald Pool, ATV Jungle Safari and Elephant Safari. Though I was sceptical in the beginning, this tour turned out to be one of the highlights of our trip and I enjoyed myself the whole even though it left us completely exhausted.

To reach the Tiger Cave Temple, you will need walk 1200 steps to and well those stairs are steep, have monkeys and I saw a couple of people with really bad bruises because they tripped so be careful. Hot spring was really relaxing so I suggest you to carry some swim wear with you and definitely take a dip. I loved the hike to the emerald pool but was disappointed by the over crowded pool itself. The elephant safari was really scary atleast for me because I am scared of heights and the only reason I took it was because sailor boy wanted so I spent the whole safari holding on for my dear life. The best part of this tour however was the ATV Jungle Safari. I have operated ATVs before but driving them in a jungle terrain is a whole different ball game all together which is definitely something I would recommend you to experience.






 Any vacation is incomplete without some good food and well Krabi did not disappoint us. Being a bong, I love my sea food and Krabi was a sea food heaven particularly the Halal Sea Food restaurants in the Ao Nang market. Try Jenna’s , Wanna’s Place or Lae Lay Grill if you want some nice fancy dinner with some good wine. If you do want to get a taste of authentic Thai food then the best place I came across to do that was the food stalls near the Krabi Tourist Police Station. You have 15 odd stalls there and most of them serve amazing food without a burning a big hole in your wallet. Do not worried about hygiene and stuff because they are very careful about the food everything they sell is pretty fresh.










When you go there, do not and I mean you will regret it if you miss this kind of do not , miss on the Thai Pancakes. My favorite was the banana nutella one and I am not exaggerating when I say that I ate more than 20 of these in my 6 day stay in Krabi. Trust me, you need to try these and you will be almost addicted to them by the end of your trip. You can find alot of Thai pancake stalls around Krabi but after careful survey ( read gobbling down one at every stall I saw) , the best one is available at the stall near the tourist police station run by the lady in the picture below.



Krabi is an all year kind of destination but does check the weather before you plan your vacation in because rain and beach location do not go well together. It rained for around 3 days during our visit and when it rains, it just rains like cats and dogs so you just can’t go anywhere.  To answer the ” What to pack” question well, get those light summer dresses, shorts, comfortable tees and swimwear in that travel bag of yours. Do not forget to carry flip-flops, sunglasses and a good sunscreen.