Travel Diaries: Singapore

So recently I went to this work trip to Singapore and because I was craving a vacation so I basically nagged my husband into accompanying me. I have to say this was by far the most hectic vacation I have ever had and I wouldn’t even call it a vacation because between work, meeting, training, project and exploring the city, I was left more exhausted by the end of the trip than I had started of with. Anyhow, I still managed to see alot of the beautiful city of Singapore and I am going to share everything with you.


There are alot of flight options from Delhi to Singapore, we took Air India but I wouldn’t suggest booking a flight with Air India if you are able work around with the flight times of other airlines like Jet Airways or Singapore Airlines. The reason I am saying that is because Air India has by far the worst cabin crew compared to any of the other airlines I have traveled with.

As this was a work trip, our hotel was booked by my office and it was quaint little heritage property called The Sultan in the Jalan Sultan area. I was really happy with my room and all their service, the location was perfect because it was right next to areas like Mustafa Square, Bugis Junction and Lavender Street which are all near the MRT and have some great options for tasting local food. The only issue I had with the hotel was the fact that the breakfast was completely Asian so for someone like my husband who doesn’t like having rice or chicken in the morning, breakfast options were a little limited.

If you don’t mind travelling in public transport than the best way to explore the city of Singapore is through their MRT. All the major tourist attractions are well-connected by the MRTs or buses. If not then Uber is available or you could download an app called GRAB which is like Uber for their local taxis and Grab is definitely a more affordable option than Uber.

Our first stop in the city was the zoo. We did like a mini tour of the zoo but what we had gone for was the Night Safari. I absolutely loved how interactive the night safari was at even though it is a zoo, I loved the concept of looking at the animals in somewhat natural environment rather than cages which is pretty much the way zoos are to most places I have been to. We missed the chance to take a walk around the zoo as we were pretty tired after our flight but you can explore a few parts of the night safari on foot and if you don’t mind walking around a bit then I would recommend exploring the safari in foot rather than on the tram. Another highlight of the evening was the show and I am pretty sure if you are travelling with kids, they will love it.


Our next stop was what Singapore likes to describe as the Island of Fun i.e. the Sentosa Island. Now Sentosa is huge and has a lot of tourist attractions but the one I wanted to visit the moment I landed in Singapore was the Universal Studios….yup…I am a 10-year-old at the heart. I have to say, my day at Universal was the most fun day I had during the whole trip. I think I took all the rides, yup the ones for kids too and totally loved the one in the Return Of The Mummies and Transformer section but totally chickened out this monster of a roller coaster they have in the Transformers area. Food wise there are a lot of options but I would recommend Din Tai Fung and Ramen Play if you want something Asian, Tino’s and Chilli’s for some pizza or tex-mex outside the main Universal Studios area and inside I would say  do not miss out on grabbing a quick-lunch at the KT’s Grill in the New York section and there is this small stall near the Mummy Return’s section that has a mean Mango Slushie.








The other places worth visiting are Garden By The Bay which includes the Garden Rhapsody, Cloud Forest and the Flower Forest, Marina Bay Sands which has the light and sound show, casino for people feeling lucky and the deck for the top view of the city. For budget friendly shopping, go to places will be Mustafa Center, Bugis Junction or China Town. If you are looking to party then the place to go is Clarke Quay and Boat Quay.



One thing I would definitely suggest doing if you are in the town during Halloween is to not miss the Halloween Horror Show at The Universal Studios particularly if you are into scary stuff. The whole experience was creepy, scary, a little too crowded but overall a totally amazing experience which should not be missed at any cost.



As I mentioned before Sentosa Island is a huge place and impossible to cover in a single day so we went back again for Sky Luge which is something you ought to try. Definitely opt for the sky luge instead of the cable cars if you want to have some fun. Do visit the aquarium and there is this show that happens at the aquarium every hour, I would definitely suggest watching that. Then there is the famous Merlion but we did not have enough time to visit it. We did go to Madame Tussaud’s at the island but it is not something I would recommend visiting, instead visit the beaches of the island and grab a meal at the shacks.











Food wise, Singapore has a lot to offer. Singapore has very strong South Asian community and you see a mix of a lot of different cuisines from regions like China, Taiwan, Thai,Malaysia and even India. I explored a couple of eateries I would suggest trying and on the top of my list is definitely Din Tai Fung and their pork dumplings. Another great restaurant if you are in the mood for some Thai delicacies is this small restaurant in the Bugis area called Ah Loy Thai. For someone who wants a taste of Europe, look up Marche which has a unique concept of buffet but al la carte style. If you want to try Sushi, Akashi at Orchard Road, Ginza Bairin and the Sushi Bar at Orchard Road would be my recommendation. If you like Mediterranean cuisine then Arab Street has a couple of good restaurants Kampong Glam Cafe and Zam Zam where you can try their biryani, rolls and the murtabaks.If you want try a true blue dish from Singapore then try Laksa which is a spicy coconut based dish with noodles and meat of your choice. For desserts, I would definitely recommend trying Desserts First near Bugis Junction and try their award-winning waffles. I have a huge sweet tooth and was living like 10 minutes away from the place so I went their almost everyday.





We decided to spend around 9 days in Singapore because I had to go to work for like 5 days and we were pretty sure the evenings were not going to be enough to cover everything but if you have the whole day around 5 days are enough.

Singapore is pretty humid so it is better to visit during end of the year when it is a little cooler and rainy there. Keeping in mind the weather, for Singapore light summer dresses, shorts , comfortable tees are the way to go along with super comfortable footwear because you have to walk alot.