TRESemmé Hair Fall Control Shampoo: Review

Till the time I was in middle school, my long, black and shiny hair was something I was really proud of. Then came the rebellious teenage phase when oily hair were considered tacky and heat styling the hair was “in”. I obviously like any other teenager followed the trends and ruined my hair by neglecting them completely. The result hair became really thin, lost all the shine and I started facing issues like dandruff and hairfall :(.
Even though I am taking much better care of my hair these days, I still crave for those long lustrous hair I once had and that’s the reason I am always on the quest for good hair products especially shampoos as they are the most important part of my hair care routine. This quest led me to TRESemmé. When TRESemmé was first launched in India, I heard such rave reviews that I knew I had to give it a chance. Unfortunately I could not use it regularly till like 2 months back when I switched to it and today I am finally going to review it on the blog 🙂
Price: Rs. 135 for 215 ml

The shampoo comes in a black bottle with a see-saw kind of flip top cap bottle. Totally reliable packaging and even when the shampoo is about to finish, you are able to squeeze the product out without any issues.
The shampoo is pearly white in color and has a flowy consistency. It is not very runny neither is it too thick so you can apply it with ease. The shampoo has this strong floral fragrance which fades a few hours post the hair wash. It lathers up pretty quickly so you don’t really need  lot of product.
In terms of the what it claims, I did not really see any difference atleast on the shine front but I did notice that my hair felt really soft and that it cleaned my scalp very efficiently. Usually if I don’t use my regular anti dandruff shampoo I end up scratching my scalp the whole day but I did not have to face anything of that sort after I used this.
Another good thing that I noticed about the shampoo is because I usually apply a lot of oil and some scalp lotion prescribed by my dermatologist so basically my hair is very greasy pre-hair wash and it takes me alot of time and multiple washes to get the oil out but somehow with this shampoo I get it out in just one rinse and I guess that’s the reason my hair feels softer as I spare them the torture of going through that extra round of wash.
I did not notice any significant decline in hair fall but fortunately this shampoo did not aggravated so its a no loss no gain kind of a situation for me. My mom loves this shampoo though…she did mention that she noticed less hair fall once she switched to TRESemmé. Our hair have similar texture and scalp issues so I could not really understand as to why it did nt work its magic on my hair.
I am kind of confused about this shampoo. It definitely did not really live up to the hair fall reduction claim for me but it did work pretty well in all the other areas. I was pleasantly surprised as to how mild it was on my hair and scalp considering I have alot of scalp issues and most shampoos don’t work for me. Basically it is a pretty good option when it comes to good budget friendly shampoos but don’t expect any miracles.