Truweight- Weight Loss & Nutrition: Review

With the festive season over and wedding season upon us, my relatively healthy diet went for a toss. My experience with healthy food has not been that great because it usually tasteless and I end up cheating on it more than I would have liked. I was kind of proved wrong after I tried a bunch of products from Truweight, a scientific weight management company where you lose weight by actually eating more super-foods.

As I said, my experience with the so called healthy food has been pretty disappointing when it comes to the taste front but almost everything I tried from this huge box of goodies I received from Truweight was not only healthy but pretty good in taste. I love how they have chosen ingredients like spirulina, alfaalfa grass, apple cider vinegar, oats, quinoa, jowar etc which are good for your body and not that bad on the tongue as well.

Before I delve into the details of the product, lets talk a little about the company as well. Truweight is a weight management company that gives its clients nutrition counselling and a wide range of effective super-foods, which helps individuals to attain optimal weight loss. The entire focus is on healthy eating and not on machines, belts or weight loss pills. Truweight intends to provide sustainable and healthy weight loss solution (based on nutrition) to millions of Indians. They are having over 50 nutritionists working across their different centres.


I received a super-foods kit from Truweight which contained a variety of healthy snacks, drinks and reading material. I took my time to test each one of these products to understand the effect on my body and health. Just a small disclaimer, my aim behind using these products was not to loose weight but to eat healthy between all the junk I had been putting into my body for the past few weeks and anticipated eating the coming months.

Following is the detailed review and my experience with the products I received in the kit:

Amla Drink: I have such a low immunity that every time the weather changes, I catch an infection. Adamant to avoid that this time, I had started gorging on Amla for that Vitamin C boost. If you have tasted raw Amla you know it doesn’t taste the best but this drink tasted much better. I think what made it better was that along with Amla, the drink has lemon and ginger Amla is known as a great source of vitamin C. Absolutely loved the drink and it has become an indispensable part of my morning routine.


Teatox : I am a total tea addict especially green tea so this was something I was looking forward to try. I absolutely love the hint of spices that this tea has (yup totally love my masala tea) so this has completely replaced my normal green tea for a while now.


Hibiscus Tea: I haven’t tried floral based tea except once and did not like it much so I have to say i was skeptical to try it. The hibiscus tea is made from the dried hibiscus flower so when you use it, you have this beautiful maroon liquid that smells amazing. The tea is a little sour so it requires a little getting used to but it definitely leaves you feeling all fresh and calm. I for one am addicted to my lemon teas so I don’t mind the little bit of sour flavor in this tea


Vanilla Shake: A good shake or smoothie is as good as a nice snack so I decided to replace my trusted green smoothie with the Vanilla shake. I hate when healthy shakes claim to be all healthy but when you read the label, they are full of sugar but this one has stevia extract to add the required sweetness. I for one love the flavour of this shake even without adding any extra sugar.


TruGreen: I am pretty fond of my green smoothie and even though the shake turned out to be a good replacement, I still missed it a bit. The TruGreen powder acted as the perfect supplement and it was soo easy to make. All I had to do was to mix the powder with a glass of a water and shake till the powder mixes. This mix has some really heavy duty greens like kale but tastes really good and minty. Love drinking this instead of my protein shake after my workout at the gym.



Fruit & Nut-Trail Mix and Quiona and Seeds Mix: These snacks came in pretty handy to curb the mid meal snack craving. I loved the fact that these were non fried, gluten-free, filled with healthy ingredients like quinoa, sunflower seeds, peanuts, flax and melon seeds. My go-to snack options especially during tea-time.





Almond & Coconut Granola Bar: I am not very fond of granola bars in general because most of the ones I have tried are either too sweet or taste like cardboard. The Almond and Coconut Granola bar however was the perfect replacement for my sweet cravings and also a quick snack won the go. Not to sweet but not bland either, this was definitely one of my favorite snacks from the whole lot



Oats mixture (Wasabi Flavour): This became my go to breakfast in no time. I like oats and wasabi but never in my wildest of dreams did I imagine the two together. It is definitely a good option for someone like me who is always running late and doesn’t have much time to make an extravagant breakfast.


Protein Rich Granola Ladoos: These were another great options for my big sweet tooth. I have been trying to cut down on sweets but these ladoos I could indulge without feeling guilty about it. The best thing about them is that they are just the right amount of sweet.



The company also shared two books with the kit – “Why 80% of Dieters Fail!” and “Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss” to assist in holistic weight loss and healthy eating experience.  These proved to be great reads and gave better understanding into the psychology behind weight loss, changes required in your day to day habits for weightloss to happen and for the lost weight to remain off, diet tips etc. I absolutely loved the fact that the kit came with study material of sorts to better educate people and get rid of myths that surround the topic of loosing weight.


If you are trying to loose weight, eat well or just improve your eating habits in general then I would recommend checking out the Truweight website. Along with the kit and super food options, they also offer online consultation.