Two months with the Dell Venue Tablet

You know we girls are all sentimental about dates….the date we first met, the first time we held hand date, the first kiss date, we said I love you date and blah blah blah….you aren’t? …OK…maybe I am the only crazy one then. Anyhow, I have this thing about dates and well keeping up this weird OCD of mine…I decided that the dell venue tablet deserved a 2 months review exactly two months after I posted my first impression.

I have posted a couple of review before this which you can read here. The first two months have been great and I have discovered alot of things that I can do with the tablet.Stuff like blogging, social networking, catching up on missed episodes of my favorite series and reading my favorite classics has become so easy.

I am very happy with the touch and the dual core Intel Atom processor and Android 4.2.2 is still working efficiently. I have faced no issues in terms of the touch screen…the screen is still responsive to the slightest of touch so no complains there. Also, no delays or issues when I try to download anything new or when any of my apps are running.

The battery backup however has reduced considerably. During the initial weeks I could easily use the tab for 9-10 hours straight however now it has come down to around 4-5 hours.I still need to see if the battery backup goes down even more in the next few months….I’ll be pretty disappointed if it does πŸ™

Even though I love blogging with the tab, I wish it had a better camera as I would have definitely preferred clicking the photographs using the tab camera instead of transferring the photographs to the tablet every time I do a post…well as they say we can’t have every thing you want πŸ™

See how the picture has a reddish hue πŸ™

I am still discovering alot of other things that I can do using the tab and I’ll talk about them in the next post. I am also trying to do a video to show you guys the utility of the tab but that would take me a little more time as I still don’t have the required equipment so bear with me till I get my hands on some lighting and sound equipments…and in case you know where I can get these stuff then please leave the details in the comment section πŸ™‚

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