V-Wash Plus: Review

Taking care of intimate areas is not a topic that is discussed very often even though experiencing discomfort down there and bacterial infections is a rising phenomena. Thankfully,  with rise of awareness how dangerous ignoring something as crucial as this issue is, things are changing and we have a new segment of products that cater to feminine hygiene in the personal care industry. Today I am going to talk about V-Wash Plus which is the newest addition to this very segment.

Price: Rs. 140 for 100 ml

V-Wash comes in a white bottle, with silver-pink labels on it and a flip-top cap. I got it just before I went to Mumbai so in order to try it I took it with me and did not face any issues so the packaging is super sturdy and travel friendly.

The product is a clear gel with a thin flowy consistency and a very mild fragrance. Using this is very simple, just take a few drops, add a little water to foam it up and use it to wash the intimate areas. 

I have been using this product for almost over a month now and I did not feel any irritation or any other problems. I found it to be particularly effective the time before and after my periods as that’s when I face the wet discomfort problem the most. It does give a mild cooling sensation after you use it but that subsides after a while.

Overall, I think you can give this product a try if intimate hygiene is your concern. But I had not used something like this before, and I did consult my gynaecologist before using it and she suggested that I don’t use it more than twice a week and completely followed her advice and would suggest you guys to do the same before you start using it.

Have you tried any feminine hygiene products like V-Wash?
What was experience?
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