Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion: Review

Hello girls ๐Ÿ™‚
I always feel that my skin has a girl’s mind. It has soo many different moods through out the day. In the morning its fresh and happy, once I leave for work it starts getting all pale and dull, by the time I reach work, its dry and flaky and well lets not even talk about how it looks when I come back in the evening.

Just like I need a good breakfast and a nice cup of tea to remain in a relatively good mood the whole day, my skin also needs to fed (metaphorically of course :P) with some products to keep in its happy state. So today I am going to talk about an amazing body lotion from Vaseline without which my skin is as cranky as I am when I skip my food in the morning.

 Price: Rs. 165 for 300 ml.

Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion comes in a green plastic packaging with a flip open cap. The flip cap has a tendency to open easily so you need to be careful if you plan to carry it in your bag.

The product is basically a white lotion which has a very light consistency but its not too watery. It spreads easily and gets absorbed in the skin in no time. It does not make the skin sticky or sweaty and thus is a pretty good option when it comes to body lotions for Summers.The fragrance on the other hand is like that of a cucumber and fades after a while. The only problem is that it has SPF content, so it is essential to wear a sunscreen with it.  It does not fulfill the claim of keeping skin moisturized for 24 hours but yes it works  pretty well for 7-8 hours on my skin at 35 degrees temperature.

My experience with this lotion has been quite good. It keeps my skin moisturized, its not heavy or sticky on the skin and has this amazing fresh cucumber fragrance that I absolutely love which all in all makes it the perfect body lotion for summers. However, it might not prove to be the right product for someone who has extremely dry skin. I do wish it had SPF content as I hate layering my skin with products in this hot weather.

 Final verdict…perfect body lotion for summers( won’t work in winters ๐Ÿ™ ) in case you have normal to oily skin. However, if you have extremely dry skin this will not work for you.